Zlump the worlds easiest way to manage online projects, task and events is now LIVE and FREE to use.

Zlump has taken the complex task of managing Projects, Teams, Tasks and Events and made them as easy as using google. Our goal was to create a simple interface that anyone ( young or old) could use to control their projects with only a few clicks

6/15/12 3:01 PM CET

The Zlump team decided to focus on building a very simple to use all web based product that would allow people to control their projects, teams and activities from a central site and remove the fear of project management at the same time.

We took the idea that less is more by making Zlump Fast, Fun, Easy and Free use. Our target customers are small business, people who use online classified ad sites to market their business, sorority / fraternities, homemakers, students, party planners, church groups or anyone that needs help staying organized. 

By using Zlump you can manage your time, expenses, team assignments and files in one central location, we also created a unique way to manage responses to your online classified ads with a Zlump POST.  

Over the next few months we are looking to get as much user feedback as possible, so we are pushing hard to get people to sign up and try the product.  

We think that our simple approach to managing work / everyday tasks can change the way people do their everyday jobs. Our business model is simple, please the customers first and success will follow, so please try Zlump today and let us know what you think. http;//www.zlump.com  


ZLUMP is a part of the Recovex LLC family of products. Recovex is a Dayton Ohio based business

Website http://www.zlump.com

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Contact: Terry OBrien (Zlump Master)

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