Wendy D's Novelties LLC, www.wendydsnovelties.com says the demand for Plastic Yard Flamingos for fun

Wendy D's Novelties LLC of Nashville TN www.wendydsnovelties.com has been supplying many Flocks of Plastic Yard Flamingos for fundraisers in 2012.

4/6/12 7:19 PM CET

Wendy D's Novelties LLC of Nashville TN, http://www.wendydsnovelties.com/ - Has Plastic Yard Flamingos for Fundraisers.

Owner Wendy Boyd says Flamingo Flocking has always been a popular way to raise money for your organization but 2012 seems to have taken off like crazy with Flocking campaigns. For those of you who do not know what Flocking is, it is where an organization buys a quantity of plastic yard flamingos and they announce an upcoming Flamingo Fundraiser and members get pre-orders from supporters to have one or more of their friends “flocked”. They then charge a price for the service of the flocking. They can also sell "Flocking Insurance" to supporters for additional fee so they cannot get flocked by someone else.

Then the Fun Begins, in the dead of the night, your members place the flamingos in the yards of the friends that all of your supporters paid to have “Flocked. Each of the flocks will have a note explaining how a friend of theirs paid to have them “Flocked” in support of your fundraiser. Also, the note will let them know that if they pay your group a donation, you will remove the flock and send it to the yard of any friend that they choose.

This Fundraiser continues to feed on itself as the flamingos migrate from victim to victim.

Most fundraising groups will order enough flamingos to have several flocks going at the same time.


We have had Organizations make a $250 investment on Plastic Flamingos and end up making over $5000.

I have sold flamingos to many organizations for fundraising and they buy the color that best fits their organization colors.

*American Cancer Society – Many colors depending on the campaign

*Relay For Life – PURPLE

*Pancreatic Cancer Network - PURPLE

*Breast Cancer Awareness – PINK

*Hemophilia Foundation – RED

*Alzheimer’s Awareness – PURPLE

*Crohn's and Colitis Foundation of America - Orange and Dark Blue

*School Athletic Groups – CHOICE OF TEAM COLORS

*Youth Football Teams – CHOICE OF TEAM COLORS

*Cheerleader Squads - CHOICE OF TEAM COLORS

*Girl Scout Troops – GREEN AND BROWN



*Houston Zoo – PINK (Used to raise Money for Pink Flamingo Exhibit)


*Blood Drives - RED




Wendy D's offers 13 colors of plastic yard flamingos to match your organization or team colors: Pink, Purple, Lime Green, Orange, Turquoise, Dark Blue, Dark Green, Red, Maroon, Brown, Black, White & Silver.


It’s Easy To Do, Very Fun and you can raise a nice amount of money for your organization.


Y'all come by my website www.wendydsnovelties.com and visit my flamingo friends they are eager to be adopted and work for your organization raising money!

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Nashville Tennessee based Wendy D's Novelties LLC is a privately held Female Owned distributor of unique and novel Lawn & Garden items and decor. Developed out of a passion to own and run her own business and the necessity of generating additional income, Wendy D. Boyd a single hardworking Mom created Wendy D's Novelties LLC. with an emphasis on the traditional plastic lawn flamingos!

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