Canadian Based Actyl Group Recruits Globally with New Website

Actyl’s services expand to the recruitment of international workers for Canadian companies, with the launch of their new website.

8/15/11 11:04 AM CET

In an exciting effort to enhance their services with Canadian recruiters and foreign workers, Webidiotz client, Actyl Group  is proud to announce the launch of their new website,

As baby boomers retire and a smaller number of workers enter into the workforce, it’s estimated that millions of additional workers in Canada will be required over the next decade just to sustain economic growth.

Actyl Group professionals play an integral part in assisting foreign workers, families and students through the immigration process. They also assist those who have already made their way into the country through Actyl’s foreign worker program; this includes entrepreneurs who would also like to immigrate into Canada.

As staffing requirements grow, employers will continue to utilize Actyl’s professional services and aptitude for recruiting skilled, efficient candidates. "Actyl Group successfully recruits potential employees worldwide to live, work and prosper in Canada" and our new website is a key tool in this process" states Actyl President, Linda West.  She continues "every position Actyl recruits for requires a different set of skills. Job postings will now reach Ireland, India, the United Kingdom, Mexico, Jamaica, the Philippines and the Ukraine. These countries offer an individual strength through hard work, personality and character".

"As the demand for recruiting Globally continues, Actyl Group gives our clients the support and guidance they need to retain long term working solutions through immigration and work permit Canada requirements. We find the right people with the right skills; professionals and non-professionals" comments Adrian Schulz, Managing Partner, Actyl Group.  "This is an exciting opportunity for both recruiters and international workers. Actyl Group is ready to help make dreams come true, and it starts with enhanced services for Canadian companies and foreign workers.  To that end, we identify and pursue potential recruitment opportunities through successful placement and integration of clients into Western Canadian communities.!" Mr. Schulz adds.



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