Why A Virtual Employee Is Better Than Hiring Local Talent

Hiring a virtual employee is much better option in every way than limiting yourself to merely the local talent available. Not only do you have access to a more experienced and skilled work pool, you don't have to bother about spiraling overhead costs

3/16/12 10:01 AM CET

If you are looking to recruit a new employee into your company, then why limit yourself to merely the local talent pool? Cast your net further afield – specifically India – and give outsourcing a shot. In fact, in today's increasingly flexible work environment and rapidly advancing technology, rigidity has no place, and rightfully so. Smart business owners and organizations have opened their doors to outsourcing to reap in the benefits of not just cost savings but also of harnessing talent from around the globe.

India has retained its position as the numero uno outsourcing destination of the world and for reasons that are totally justified. From having one of the largest technical talent pools in the world to excellent satellite and telecommunication facilities to a stable government that actively supports outsourcing, India inspires confidence in the countries that outsource to it. Not surprisingly, there are hundreds of outsourcing companies and vendors that handles massive volumes of work from companies in the US and the UK on a daily basis.

While there are many outsourcing models in the market today, the one that has proved to boast a track record of success has been the virtual employee model of outsourcing.  The credit for introducing this revolutionary new concept goes to VirtualEmployee.com, one of the most reputed and well-established outsourcing companies in India. While this model works for all organizations, it has come as a boon for the scores of SMEs in particular who had hitherto been at the mercy of unprofessional offshore freelancers.   

 For such small enterprises, hiring local talent was simply not an option. If the high salaries of experienced professionals were not prohibitive enough, there were other factors to consider as well. The US, UK and many European countries have stringent labour laws that put a lot of pressure on companies that recruit locally. Each fresh hiring involves extra expenses in the form of employee benefits, insurance, employee provident fund and so on. That's not all. Overhead costs shoot up as well. There is office space to consider, extra infrastructure, more investment in hardware and software and other issues like cab facilities for pick and drop, etc. all in all, employing someone calls for major investment.

Luckily, hiring a virtual employee is the solution to such dilemmas. The virtual employee, as the name suggests, is your employee but works remotely from the office of the outsourcing vendor in India. When you hire such a remote employee from a  trusted vendor like VirtualEmployee.com, you are free to concentrate only on work. The vendor takes care of all non-work related logistics from infrastructure, seating arrangement, the latest PCs, 24-hour HR and IT support and back-up and a professional work environment in which to work.

The best part is that you don't have to settle for the second-best as can often happen with the local resources available. If you want an experienced professional to work with you, with a virtual employee, you are assured of only the best talent there is.

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