New Details on FBI Agent Driving without pants

The story of Special Agent John A. Yervelli arrest just keeps getting stranger. New information reveals that Special Agent Alan Raines was in the vehicle at the time of the act.

12/13/12 6:00 PM CET

Federal prosecutors conducting an internal review of criminal cases involving an FBI agent facing a charge of public lewdness got more than they bargained for. U.S. Attorney William J. Hochul Jr. ordered the review after Special Agent John A. Yervelli was arrested Friday night by state police. New details have emerged that Special Agent Alan Raines was traveling in the vehicle with Yervelli at the time of the incident.

Troopers said they received a report from a truck driver that Yervelli made lewd gestures toward him while not wearing pants and driving on the Thruway in Eden.Yervelli, 48, of Lake View, faces up to 30 days in jail and a $500 fine if convicted of the misdemeanour charge.“At this point, no determination has been made as to the guilt or innocence of this individual,” Hochul said in a statement. “However, it is the obligation of this office to conduct an internal review to determine if, at all, this could impact any existing cases. That internal review has begun.”

A source familiar with Yervelli’s work as a FBI agent said he is involved in at least one pending criminal case.He also was involved in a large-scale federal probe of narcotics, gun and gang activity on Buffalo’s West Side that resulted in federal charges against 27 people in 2010.

Raines' history is more checkered, flagged with disciplinary proceedings. Raines was involved in a April 4th 2009 raid of then Lancaster Highway Superintendent Richard Reese, when Raines filed a criminal compliant. The complaint goes on to say that Reese looked at Special Agent Raines and stated words to the effect that "if I wanted to, I could have taken you both down." Reese was later charged for assaulting federal agents due to the compliant, the charges were later dropped.

The FBI is likely to conduct its own internal review but so far has declined comment on Yervelli’s arrest or Raines' involvement.“It’s an internal personnel matter for our office at this time," said FBI spokeswoman Maureen Dempsey.State police said Yervelli’s arrest stemmed from a report from a truck driver who said he encountered the off-duty agent at about 9 p.m. Friday while driving east on the Thruway in Eden.The truck driver told police that the driver of a passenger vehicle “pulled up next to his truck, turned on the dome light and displayed that he was not wearing pants, while making lewd gestures,” according to state police. A trooper later stopped the vehicle at the Hamburg interchange and, after further investigation, arrested Yervelli on the public lewdness charge. Raines was questioned, but not detained or arrested. Yervelli was later released to Raines waiting outside the station on a ticket to appear in Eden Town Court.


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