Google Translate not good enough? Unbabel will fix it!

Unbabel is a new kind of online translation service that provides human quality translation at 1/5th the going rate. Combining artificial intelligence with a crowd of human translators Unbabel offers the lowest rates for translation available online

3/24/14 5:11 PM CET

Unbabel is a new kind of online translation service that provides human quality translation at 1/5th the going rate.

Internationalization is the easiest way to get new customers. Millions of people await your service or product in other markets if only you could reach them. Turns out that in order to do that you need to localize your content, which is still an enormous problem. There is a virtuous cycle in play here. Once websites localize their content, customers will start interacting in their natives languages, which means localizing FAQ’s, customer service emails, etc.

Pure automatic translation, such as provided by Google Translate, is not enough. It produces at best robotic translations and in numerous occasions problematic translation errors. This leaves companies looking to localize with scant options and all of them expensive. Unbabel intends to change this by using sophisticated technology that combines machine learning based auto-translation and crowd-sourced post-editing.

Combining auto-translation and effective human editing as a service is unique and new. With Unbabel, for the first time it is now affordable for a website to translate all of their content, both static and dynamic, from marketing to FAQs, to customer service emails. Unbabel also has released a REST-based API with which companies can integrate translation directly into their workflow.

Unbabel is growing rapidly. They currently have nearly 3.000 translators and are translating over 25,000 words per day for over 30 paying customers.

About Unbabel

Unbabel is an online translation service combining a Machine Translation Engine with a Crowd of Human Editors who correct the output of the software to ensure it is correct and fluid. We deliver translated messages that are 90 % machine and 10% human refined.

Unbabel brings human quality translation to user generated content such as emails, wikis and forums, that were too difficult and expensive to translate until now.

The editors on the Unbabel Community are a mix of everyday people with a passion for language and professional translators. They work whenever, wherever they like, on their laptop, tablet and smartphone, and get paid for each hour sent working on paid translations.



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