TREVOR SEVEN . YOUTUBE MUSIC . Head Ageless. 4 March 2012

Date of birth : unknown. Date , date, Age 14 billion years

3/4/12 6:38 PM CET

I bet you won’t believe this !


I’m a head and I’m alive – who said I’m a sculpture?

I’m a work of art and I’m gonna make your heart beat,


And I bet you won’t believe this !


I’ll take a stride and not a ride,


Can you afford this?


No.1 100 mil


Can you beat that?


If you make an offer, I might wanna shuffle

The price to your taking,


Can you afford this?


Take it to the top,

Tip, Top, Zap,

If the price is right,

Then I’ll be alright.


Can you afford this?


These are the facts and you’d better believe this !

You got the tiniest sculpture ever and you got the oldest

Ever, ever, ever,


Did I say oldest?

What I meant to say is no.1 oldest !


Can you believe this?


No.1 will make the stand, 14 billion years

Old, old, old


These are the facts.


I bet you won’t believe this !

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SCULPTURE ARTIST - The only artist to produce the no.1 oldest sculpture in the world, ever recorded in history at 14 billion years old .
Listed amongst the top ten most valuable art sculpture at £100 million.
This is the first time a British artist has ever produced works of art on this scale. That’s a great achievement for an artist who just wanted to paint on canvas.

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