£1OO million pounds. No. 1 oldest sculpture ever recorded in history 14 billion years old. Listed on Guiness World Record Breakers Online.

4/6/12 10:08 AM CET

The sculpture was left in a car, underneath the seats for seventeen years.   When it was realised, research carried out to determine the type of material, later identified the substance to be 14 billion years old. 

It was conclusive that the living organic material was one of the rarest and unusual ever discovered. It enters the earth atmosphere in a ball of fire destroying everything in its path. It just missed hitting a passer-by when it landed, who later picked up the object when the flames when out. 

The oldest material discovered turned out to be a sculptured head dated 14 billion years old, making it the absolute oldest sculpture ever, in possession. 

The sculptured head is given the name, Quantum.  

It took an artist three years to adapt the sculpture head to art; framed with a very rare diamond, set to the sculpture head, a moon diamond, the rarest diamond and very sought after. Gold chained, silver coins, 32 very small brass padlocks, four antique wheels carved from wood, reinforced aluminium and four poster in stainless steel ,making it a one off work of art. 

The sculpture is recognised the no. 1 oldest in the entire world, listed with a price tag of £100 million pounds - $156 million dollars.

Set to break the record when sold.


This is the first time in history a British artist, produced the oldest       sculpture art and the highest value recorded at £100 million pounds. 

Listed by Art Revealed, Webstore Art Catalogue and Wallery Art Gallery Directory of World Artists, Guiness World Record Breaker, as the no.1 oldest sculpture ever recorded in world history at 14 billion years old. 

Sculpture by TREVOR R PLUMMER.


SCULPTURE ARTIST - The only artist to produce the no.1 oldest sculpture in the world, ever recorded in history at 14 billion years old .
Listed amongst the top ten most valuable art sculpture at £100 million.
This is the first time a British artist has ever produced works of art on this scale. That’s a great achievement for an artist who just wanted to paint on canvas.

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