19 March 2012. Press Release News Headlines – Quantum ART for sale $156,524,984 million. ART produced by TREVOR R PLUMMER. £100 million GBP.

3/19/12 3:19 AM CET

Highest price ART recorded goes on sale and set to beat the world record. The material that was used to create this work of ART is dated in the region of 14 billion years, making it absolutely the oldest in the world. The material is the rarest ever discovered.                                                                            

This is the artist’s biggest project to date. The piece has taken 3 years to complete.  Other works of art are in the pipeline expected to finish and go on sale, Summer 2012.                                                     The art world awaits the next piece to be released in suspense.

Dated billion years old, the oldest head ever created. The piece of ART , Quantum, suggests quantum mechanics. The ART is on exhibition online. Set to the head, a moon diamond; very, very rare! One of the rarest diamond in the world, and very sought after.                                                                                                                                           Fully framed with aluminium, surrounds ; four antique wheels, hallmarked pure silver coins, 32 brass padlocks, attached gold chain to the frame.                                                                                                                                   The head exceeded all expectations and listed the number one oldest ART and the most expensive at £100 million pounds GBP, by BBC ART Revealed, Webstore ART Catalogue and Wallery ART Gallery Directory of World Artists. Valued: for sale at $156,524,984 million.                                                                                      

Very attractive piece of ART. The odds of discovering material in this category, are a 100 billion to 1. ;                                                                                                                                                          Artist TREVOR R PLUMMER.

To buy this art click online,name,10863101,auction_id,auction_details



SCULPTURE ARTIST - The only artist to produce the no.1 oldest sculpture in the world, ever recorded in history at 14 billion years old .
Listed amongst the top ten most valuable art sculpture at £100 million.
This is the first time a British artist has ever produced works of art on this scale. That’s a great achievement for an artist who just wanted to paint on canvas.

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