14 Billion Years Old Face. 18 FEB 2012

News Release – No.1 oldest sculpture ever recorded in history and the most expensive.

2/18/12 6:47 PM CET

The No.1 Oldest Sculpture ever recorded in history, record breaker.

14 billion years old sculpture came to light.

It was discovered after left in the boot of a car for seventeen years.

When it was realised, research was carried out to identify what type of material the unusual object was.

It is believed to be a asteroid travelled through time and space: landed on earth in a ball of fire destroying a sycamore tree in its path. It was witnessed by artist, TREVOR R PLUMMER, who was a few steps away from the tree.

Shocked out of his wits, but was still able to pick up the object after the flames went out.

Research show the sculpture dated 14 billion years old, making it absolutely the oldest in the world. The odds of discovering a sculpture in this category, are a 100 billion to 1. ; the most unique ever.

It’s identified to be the oldest material discovered, from the beginning of the universe.

The 14 billion year old head is the most fascinating object ever seen.          The sculpture is named Quantum m.

Amazingly, it was the first face created before the solar system.

It’s expected to generate all types of curiosity.

How often does this happen ~ a sculpture artist discovering a sculpture came ready made from space 14 billion years old?

It’s fully framed in aluminium, four antique wheels, with silver,

32 miniature brass padlocks and chains in gold to the frame.

Set to the sculpture head, a moon diamond, the rarest diamond in the world and most sought after.

The sculpture exceeded all expectations and listed the number one oldest, its value, set to break all records at auction.

Very attractive sculpture, the one to keep an eye on for 2012.

Sculpture produced by TREVOR R PLUMMER .


SCULPTURE ARTIST - The only artist to produce the no.1 oldest sculpture in the world, ever recorded in history at 14 billion years old .
Listed amongst the top ten most valuable art sculpture at £100 million.
This is the first time a British artist has ever produced works of art on this scale. That’s a great achievement for an artist who just wanted to paint on canvas.

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