TouchSquid joins a new category of Smart Remote Control Devices

The old-fashioned dedicated universal TV remote control is a dying concept, quickly replaced by tablet computers capable of control and integration of your home entertainment system with web access and muchmore.

3/12/12 7:04 PM CET

TouchSquid Technology Inc. a Vancouver, BC based company is the manufacturer of the TouchSquid Remote Control Infrared Tablet now available through the Amazon store and select dealers in USA, Canada, Mexico and Europe.  

TouchSquid has a 5-way multi-touch screen where commands are sent using hand gestures such as a tap, press, swipe, slide or drag....  A squid has ten tentacles built for mult-tasking, which is ideal for controlling multiple remote controls.  Hence the company tagline  of "Got too many remote controls? get a Squid."

In an interview with Grahame Shannon, the president and head of the development team. "It is the apps that make a device work.  Without the apps, a device is nothing.  We are primarily a software developer, and our mission is to develop the best TV universal remote control app in the market."  

TouchSquid tablet comes with an embedded Infrared transmitter/ receiver and a proprietary remote control app.  This allows it to communicate with your Home Theater devices, including TVs, Cable and Sat boxes and DVD/Blu-ray players as well as Media centers and Game boxes. The app takes a well organized Activity based approach to Home Theater control, similar in concept to the popular Logitech Harmony controls, but presented on a generously scaled touch screen.

What separates the TouchSquid from other remotes are two important features--the ability to define PROFILES and ACTIVITIES.


It is not unusual for homes to have many TVs, in the living room, kitchen, family room, bedroom, den and so on. The TouchSquid remote allows you to save many Home Theatre set-up Profiles (each profile can include up to 10 different devices e.g. TV, cable box, DVD player, etc).   Once the profiles are saved by name--for example Kitchen, Family Room, Bedroom--you can take your Squid TV remote as you go from room to room. You can even save Profiles for different homes which is great for the babysitter or the visiting grannies.


Once PROFILES are defined, your TV viewing can be controlled by choosing the desired ACTIVITY. Selecting the desired activity switches all the inputs and device modes with a single button press.


The TouchSquid app comes with several preset activities, WATCH TV, WATCH DVD OR BLURAY, PLAY MUSIC, GAME /MEDIA MANAGER, and CUSTOM. A Custom activity can include any activities that can be controlled by infrared. This could include home lighting, dimmers, or shades and blinds. There is a built-in library of more than 120,000 devices which includes home automation devices such as the LiteTouch, Lumagen and Lutron brands.

Since the Remote application is software based, it can be easily be updated to add features or new devices to control as they become available.



While the TouchSquid is touted as an advanced remote control, it is also an Android tablet and has a full set of tablet computer features.

  • Activity-based remote control with customizable and easy to read virtual buttons, and up to 144 customizable favorite buttons for movie channels or websites, makes it easy to browse the web for movie listings and reviews.
  •  Large buttons mean not having to switch on the house lights in order to use different commands.
  •  Available language settings include English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Chinese, Slovenian and more as international clientele grows.
  • 2.0 megapixel front facing camera and built-in microphone allows for video chat using apps such as Skype, Tango, or Oovoo.
  • Two USB ports (one full size and one mini-size) simplify file transfers from other devices such as your camera, camcorder or desktop home computer.
  • 1024 x 600 pixel resolution on a capacitive multi-touch screen, gravity sensor and a headphone jack makes watching streaming movies through Netflix or YouTube a fun experience.
  • Available apps such as the KOBO e-reader provides access to thousands of public domain free ebooks.
  • 100-240 VAC charger will work anywhere in the world, convenient and portable for use outside North America.
  • Two built-in speakers for stereo sound, jack allows connection to external speakers.
  • Included custom docking cradle and charging base converts TouchSquid for use as a digital photo frame or digital clock.
  • Custom TouchSquid Slide Show app makes it easy to select and arrange photo images into a slide show album. Supports jpg, gif, bmp and png files.
  • Convenient portable size with a 5” x 7” screen that fits nicely between your two hands makes it comfortable for use for reading ebooks and enews.
  • 5 way multi-touch gives access to many exiting action games.
  • internal 16 GB memory card plus a microSD slot that can support up to 32 GB additional memory provides storage for movies and music for use at places where there is no WIFI connectivity.
  • WIFI connectivity and Bluetooth open up future possibilities and applications.
  • Replaceable lithium battery makes the TouchSquid an ecologically friendly consumer device.
  • Accessories include an AC adapter, USB adapter cable, earphones, cleaning cloth and the custom docking and charging base.
  • Access to email, internet browsing, music apps and games.

About TouchSquid Technology Inc.

TouchSquid Technology Inc. is located in North Vancouver, BC, Canada. Its flagship product is the TouchSquid universal remote control app that runs on Android tablets and smarphones. These apps are available on Google Play Store. Touchsquid apps run on Samsung tablets and smartphones that have a built-in IR transmitter. It can also be used with generic tablets in combination with an external IR blaster device. .For more information, visit



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