Pintera app for Windows Phone Introduced

Pintera leverage the same advantage and bring Pinterest goodies on an exciting Windows Phone platform. Pintera modifies the column based Pinterest design in a unique and optimized thumbnails based WP design.

3/27/12 11:39 AM CET

Off lately, Pinterest has started seeing tremendous progress in its usage. Year 2011 has finished on high notes for them. Being branded as beta and constrained to request only social photo curation system, Pinterest unquestionably has bright future ahead. In contrast to other social networking networking sites, Pinterest coders implemented different path by providing a unequalled photo sharing service full of prospective and possibility. It is blessing in disguise for Infographics artist and graphics developer, as they can entice large number of mass from here.

Pintera control the same edge and bring Pinterest goodies on an exciting WP OS. Pintera modifies the column based Pinterest layout in a distinctive and optimized thumbnails based Windows Phone design. It enhances the general feel of the users by supplying small thumbnails, saving the bandwidth and data cap. However, it also guarantees that infrequent visitor and regular user experience the network in their own way. Infrequent visitor can search favorite photos and images based on categories, boards and pins. There is also a provision for searching pins and boards.

Pintera is a power-packed Pinterest client particularly designed keeping WP7 customers in judgment. It leverages metro style design and live tile option to provide prospects the finest client made ever. Pintera has been in development for nearly a year. The next edition of Pintera assures more improved images and application to improve the Pinterest surfing experience.

For end users of Pinterest, Pintera has some thing surprising in the next version. Even, the latest version will surprise you with built-in aspects like repin, like and social sharing options. Coders assure more bug fixes and optimized codes. Pinning to homescreen alternative will let you speedily access user’s favourite pins and pin boards. People just need to tap the live tile and it will up-date the appropriate boards with new pictures in the background. From here, end users can also manage comments and boards without having the need of desktop client or browser based client. Feel free to install Pintera on your Windows Phone device.

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Jack Smith is a professional PR writer and distributer. Pintera has been developed keeping Windows Phone users aspects in the mind. Enjoy the best Pinterest client on most exciting platform of the year.



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