The SDG Group Launches New Website

The SDG Group, an innovation training firm, has redesigned their website using a new content management system.

2/29/12 4:22 PM CET

The SDG Group had originally designed its website using anAdobe Flash platform. With the heavy useof devices such as the iPhone and iPad they felt it was time to look at a newplatform that would be more accessible.

Michael Colucci, owner of The SDG Group, spends quite a bitof time sharing information and articles through the company's blog. The original site also lacked some of thefunctionality that he wanted to make the blog easily searchable and"cleaner."

"I wanted a system that was easy to use, a design thatwas clean and inviting, and one that all devices could view," hesays. "We chose to work withNetProfits Internet Consulting ( to design and hostour site. The content management systemthey set up for us is very simple and user friendly. We hope that the visitor experience is nowmuch more enjoyable."

The SDG Group is an innovation training firm thatspecializes in delivering 1/2 day workshops that focus on a single tool for drivinginnovative thinking. Their approachleverages the Natural Process of Innovation and the Path of All Learning inorder to empower people to innovate.

Visit their website at to learnmore about workshops such as Building Innovative Thinking Skills.

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