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The SDG Group is focused on helping companies develop innovation as a competency, making it a way of doing business. They hold that innovation is a process... a discipline... a skill. It can be developed AND required in and of people.

2/27/12 4:38 PM CET

The SDG Group is proud to offer its Building Innovative Thinking Skills (BITS) Workshop.  The workshop is focused on providing and equipping employees with a single tool that empowers them to think differently.

The three greatest benefits of the Building Innovative Thinking Skills workshop are:

1. People are given a tool to regularly and confidently “think outside the box”. This means that innovation is not a single event, but a way of doing business.
2. Teams who have gone through the workshop together have viewed it as a great team building experience.  The techniques used during the training bring people out of their comfort zone into, surprisingly, a much more comfortableone.
3. Employees see that the company is investing in them… and that can increase employee retention and satisfaction.

"Innovation is a natural process," says Michael Colucci, owner of The SDG Group.  "It is also a discipline.  When you understand the process and equip employees with the tools necessary to leverage that process you drive the culture of innovation within the company.  Until now most of the focus within corporate innovation has been managing projects.  We want to empower people.  While bringing in outside help to guide the ideation process is an option, we believe that equipping the employees to thinking innovatively is a better approach in the long run."

You can learn more about the BITS Workshop by visiting The SDG Group's website ( and looking under the Workshops tab. 

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