Celebrity exhibition moves to Federation Square

Celebrity painted chairs are now hanging in The Fracture Gallery at Federation Square until April 13 2012. Chairs by Suzie Wilks, Peter Russell Clarke, Alyce Platt and Alex Fevola along with artists Jamie Daddo.

3/27/12 11:35 AM CET

Photo Opportunity: Painted chairs suspended within The Fracture Gallery at Federation Square from April 2. Please contact Julie Athanasiou, The Porch, (03) 9755 2112 to organise a time for a particular celebrity or artist for photos.

Headline: Celebrities take a seat for breast cancer research

Celebrity painted chairs are making a unique exhibition in The Fracture Gallery at Federation Square between 2 – 12 April, 2012.

Suzie Wilks, Peter Russell Clarke, Alyce Platt and Alex Fevola along with artists Jamie Daddo, Jody Pratt, Jane Sinclair, Barbara Kitallides, Emilia Johari and Archibald finalist Sonia Kretschmar have used their creative talents to paint Adirondack chairs. All proceeds from the sale of the chairs will be donated to the National Breast Cancer Foundation.

Celebrity photographer Alex Fevola drew on her photographic skills to decorate her chair with meaning. Each image on the chair is of a famous person who has survived breast cancer, including Olivia Newton-John, Raelene Boyle and Kylie Minogue.

“My chair is meant to be an eye piece with lots to look at and a source of inspiration for people battling cancer. All the pictures are of women who have survived breast cancer and are now living healthy, happy lives. The words are the word 'Hope' in different languages,” said Alex.

Another highlight of the exhibition is the chair by actress Alyce Platt, which will be suspended within the Fracture Gallery. Alyce’s purple chair is uniquely covered in feathers.

“I was inspired by my brother Dean who passed away of cancer three years ago and his profound connection with feathers to create the chair I’ve called Healing Angel,” said Alyce.

TV presenter Suzie Wilks was also inspired by loss in the design of her chair:

“The chair represents my mother, myself and Ruby my daughter.  The butterfly represents my mother who has passed and the footprints represent Ruby walking through life with us around her. The flowers are the gardens we sit in together,” said Suzie.

After the display at The Fracture Gallery the chairs will be auctioned at Melbourne Central on May 11 with all proceeds donated to the National Breast Cancer Foundation. For details on the live auction and pre-auction bidding visit www.theporch.com.au/pink-chair-ity-auction.

Artist profiles and more information at: http://www.theporch.com.au/pink-chair-ity-auction/




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