Hey Are You Ready For At Destiny’s End?

Are you out of the Loop about 2012? Quinntessa may be the fictionial Earth but what it says about the truth is real!

8/7/12 7:00 AM CET

Princess Cordette Chance is about to step into the role of a lifetime, a dream come true. She is marrying James Rawlings, and James is nearly perfect: darkly handsome, gentle, charming. True, he’s a bit mysterious about his past. But that’s okay with Cordette. Once they’re married, she’ll have all the time in the galaxy to get to know him. She doesn’t realize that by the end of her honeymoon, there might be a massive change in the balance of power in the galaxy that will change their lives forever. Death waits for them at every turn in this sizzling new Speculative Fiction/Romance novel.      


Eventually their lives and many other lives will collide on the planet Quinntessa. With an unforgettable dread, a deadly plague from an unimaginable source that drags the mix-species inhabitants of Quinntessa into a hell worse than their own most horrible nightmares…and yours. In this riveting, nightmarish story, death is closer than you think. And the next time you look up at the stars, you may want to stay right here on Earth. It just might be a whole lot safer.  


The book is available on http://www.amazon.com/At-Destinys-End-Tracey-Nameth/dp/1419694278/ and http://www.amazon.ca/At-Destinys-End-Tracey-Nameth/dp/1419694278/ Crawl up beside a cozy fireplace and take in the summer of 2012 with a mega-blast!


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The Destiny Group is a select collection of woman's fiction and other possible real life scenario disaster fiction. Our company is dedicated to bringing people the highest quality of fiction and non-fiction books, and e-books for entertainment and educational purposes. Our aim is not only to entertain but bring to life real issues of today and for the years ahead.

In the new e-book APOCALYPSE RISING: EXTINCTION author T. K. Nameth takes the end of times to a new level. Ideally in a perfect world everyone would help each other out during apocalyptic world natural disasters. But the human race right now is far from ideal.

On both the global and local levels of the disaster we see what may very well happen to us all. On the global level the military will rein us all in. We can call members of this group "The Destroyers" of society. They make the situation worse than it has to be for their own profit. On the local level we find both "Tyrants" and "Protectors."

T.K. Nameth takes you to both levels of this fictional account that is ten years in the future in the dire realism humanity must face when it comes to world-wide disaster. But, as well, he shows where some of the possible bright spots are in the future disaster. www.sci-fi-cafe.com is the publisher of Apocalypse Rising: Extinction. You can find Apocalypse Rising: Extinction now available on Kindle at AMAZON.CA, AMAZON.COM and the other Amazon family of sites.

Crimson Galaxy Book 1 will be published at a later date by www.nobleromance.com. It deals with slavery on a global scale. Misty Allen, one of the beautiful and strong governors of the United States, is an ambassador for the vice-president of the U.S. Her true identity is kept secret to protect her but it's her beauty that puts her in danger when slavers attack her airship while she's piloting it.

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