Want a personal letter/phone call from your favorite celebrity? This new book can make that happen!

Wouldn't it be great to find a personal letter from a celebrity in the mail? Or, better yet, to answer the phone and hear them on the other line? The odds of that happening from a Tweet or an email message are slim. This book shows you how to do it.

3/27/12 11:34 AM CET

Part memoir, part "how to" guide, this informative and humorous book tells the story of how the habit of letter writing has benefited the author, both personally and professionally. He has used this process to help him, among other things, book a starring voice-over role in a series of best selling video games, land a major part in the last film of an Academy Award winning director, raise millions in donations for a charity in his home state of New Jersey, and to co-produce a major feature film starring A-list Oscar favorites. All from writing letters. Great things can happen to you too if you just begin writing letters! "The Guide To Writing Letters to Celebrities" will make it easy for you.

Originally this book began as a direct response to the many aspiring actors who kept asking the author about what to say when they wrote to major show business industry players while networking. So he wrote a small guide for them. Then a funny thing happened.

One of the actors who read the guide passed it along to his mom, who happened to be a teacher and the head of the local PTA. Coincidentally; she was just beginning a tricky tray fundraiser for the PTA where they were auctioning off celebrity autographed items. She found the book very helpful to her cause. She was also starting a project at the time with her sixth grade class about better communication through writing letters. Based on her suggestion, Lucas expanded the guide into a full book meant for the many different groups that might find the advice contained inside useful. This includes anyone who is:

- Writing a fan letter or congratulations to their favorite star.
- Running a charity auction or event and seeking to obtain special autographed items from celebrities.
- Teaching a class on letter writing, or a student interested in sharpening their writing skills. (Kids get more excited about writing letters when they know they are reaching out to their favorite stars.)· -Contacting the CEO of company whose products they use often.
Or for any time someone wants to effectively correspond with someone by means of a letter.

Some of the strategies and topics the book covers are:
■The Six Steps To Writing An Effective Celebrity Letter
■The Tools You Should Have Before You Start Writing
■Where To Find Celebrity Addresses
■What To Do Before You Mail The Letter
■Ten Sample Letters
■ Tales of Successful Letter Writers
and so much more.

Simply put, if you are hoping to make a personal connection with a celebrity for any reason, this is the book for you!

"The Actors Detective Guide to Writing Letters to Celebrities" is available in e-book PDF format for just $10 exclusively at http://CelebrityLetters.com

About The Author:
Chris Lucas is the founder and CEO of The Actor's Detective, a career consultation service for actors. He also publishes a weekly newsletter with early casting notices.As a habitual letter writer since childhood, he's been able to make connections with people from all walks of life and all around the world, his daily correspondence has also contributed to the success of his career as an actor, with a starring role in the "Grand Theft Auto" video game series, and guest spots on TV shows like "One Life To Live", "As The World Turns", "30 Rock" and "Boardwalk Empire." The most important letter he ever wrote was to his wife when they first met, asking her out on a date. It's brought him great benefits ever since.

Chris is available for interviews. Reviewers may request a copy of the e-book for review by contacting him directly.

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