Dental Care Company Announces New Offer on Home Teeth Whitening Kit

The dental and personal care company Advanta Supplement has launched the only teeth whitening solution that provides free refills.

10/30/12 10:03 AM CET

The professional personal care company, Advanta Supplement has launched a new promotional offer on their home teeth whitening kit. There are many people who are looking to get the quality home whitening results they have always wanted without having to pay a fortune for professional whitening results. This is why the company has announced their new promotional offer on their proven teeth whitening system so that those who want beautiful, white sparkling teeth can get the results they are looking for at a more affordable price.

This home whitening kit features a teeth whitening pen, a dental tray and guaranteed at home results. The kit also comes with 2 10cc syringes of 35% Carbamide Peroxide. As part of the company’s newly launched promotional offer on their home whitening kit, consumers will also get free unlimited refills of the proven whitening solution used in this kit. This part of the offer is designed to help users make sure they are able to afford ongoing professional whitening at home.

The company hopes that with this new offer more people who are looking for quality whitening solutions that will give them the white teeth they have always wanted, will see that professional results are actually within reach. The free unlimited refill offer is designed to help customers make sure they are continuing to get the whitening treatments that they need to get the beautiful teeth they have always wanted to have. The new offer is currently launched and is available online for anyone looking for quality teeth whitening results.

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Contact: Haley Kirkland (Publisher)

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