Solidarity US steps up as the official voice and Manifesto bearer of America's 99%.

US Conservatives have long been focusing on how the Occupy Movement has no central message, no mission statement and no definable political, social or economic objective. Well that all seems to have changed today with the launching of Solidarity US.

2/15/12 11:47 PM CET

We have established a national movement, with US and international labor support, which fully understands the political, economic and social dynamics that has transformed Capitalism into a tool of the 1% ruling class. This has allowed them to perpetrate the largest illegal transfer of wealth in the history of our nation, and have done so with complete impunity. As a consequence, America’s middle class has been disenfranchised, and our country now stands at the verge of economic collapse.”  Said Robert Genovese, President and Co-founder of Solidarity US dot Org.  

In further talks, Genovese stated…

Once the 1% ruling class finally realizes that this movement is for real, and that we fully mean business, sparks will surely fly!” What exactly do you mean Robert?  “I can assure you that even parrots have the right to free speech, they can talk as much as they like, yet when their speech starts making sense and endangers the rulers and their lackeys, that’s when the parrot suddenly becomes a risk to the ruling class; all of a sudden our Constitution and Bill of Rights no longer provides for its defense and the rules for “Free Speech” are edited to assure the 1%er’s survival, protection and their prevailing.”    

Asked about the current status of Americas Middle Class and the upcoming election, Genovese stated:

It really aggravates me when I hear about purported Ponzi schemers like Bernie Madoff. It is just absolutely amazing that the USDOJ bloats about the prosecution of these white collar criminals while the largest Ponzi scheme in the history of the world has been perpetrated with their blessing and approval.”

Added Genovese: “Trillions of dollars in derivatives and Mortgage Backed Securities were sold to our national pension fund managers and pension fund managers across the world. This was part of the largest centrally planned financial market Ponzi scheme in recorded history. These purported “safe investments” were sold as triple “A” rated investments, meaning these investments were as secure as US Treasury Bills. These boasted a 17+ percent rate on return (ROI), yet Wall Street knew perfectly well that what they were actually peddling was worthless paper. In the interim, they completely disenfranchised America’s Middle Class; pension funds that invested heavily in these are now on the verge of bankruptcy and millions of American’s now face poverty in their retirement years; they robbed our national coffers for bailouts they never needed; and yet, they still have the audacity to foreclose on the same homes that they provided fraudulent appraisals on, appraisals provided with the clear intent of continuing to funnel monies into their ever demanding and thereafter imploding Ponzi scheme.”  

Says Robert:“I have no doubt that every mortgage originated from 2003 to 2008, has some form of contract breach, tortious conduct, and/or appraisal fraud; that’s why I tell everyone to NEVER walk away from their homes! A Solidarity primary objective will be to help our nation fight back against fraudulent lender foreclosure.  The return of the American Dream, which was stolen from our Middle Class, is an absolute requirement for the survival of our nation, for if we ignore this illegal transfer of wealth… our economy will never recover! I have to say, if you are a homeowner in foreclosure, you should visit our site and take action now! Instead of “Strategic Walkaway” from your home, it is time you take a stand for your family and for the Strategic Reclaim of the American Dream!    

Robert, this sounds like a very blunt analysis of our current economic situation, I have to ask though: What recourse does Americas Middle Class have, and what will Solidarity do to help?

This is just the tip of the proverbial iceberg, you see; the ruling 1% fully understands that Americas disenfranchised Middle Class only has one voice left, that voice is Organized Labor. It is not by mere coincidence that the right wing corporate lackeys have organized a complete assault on America’s Organized Labor. Just keep an eye on Eric Cantor, ! This is but their strategic and deliberate assault on the only “power representation” that the 99% have left. Their mission is crystal clear, destroy it! To do so, they are placing in positions of power the greediest soulless individuals who serve one purpose only: to legislate laws that will further disfranchise Americas Middle Class and transfer full power to their 1% puppeteers, the true controllers of our society by proxy.”

“The situation has become so in line with their strategy, that when the middle class uproar against Robo-Signing became a national clamor against bank mortgage assignment fraud; the federal legislature, and state legislatures across the land, immediately rushed to re-define the meaning of mortgage foreclosure fraud. This re-defining of the law is allowing impunity for the banking criminals while allowing the eviction of millions of American’s from their homesteads, all without as much as respecting their constitutional right to due process of law.”

“To date, more than 43 trillion dollars in derivatives and fraudulent securitization remain in bank accounts out of the country, all while millions of American families are made homeless and disenfranchised from the American Dream every year.”

How do you plan to stop this?“By way of any and all legal means provided through our Constitution, and our Bill of Rights. In this great Republic we still have the laws that protect the masses; yet, we need to use them before they too are abolished! We will start by assuring that our legislature and Justice Department is completely filtered from conspirators and traitors; conspirators will be voted out of office, they will be recalled and/or impeachment proceedings will be initiated. I assure you, we know who they are what they do, and who they truly work for, failure for us is not an option! America can no longer continue to fail; this is the most vital national security concern of our history, for we can no longer remain a world power while being bled economically, socially and politically through an internal hemorrhage of greed!”       

Final question Robert, is Solidarity a Socialist movement? “Far from it, Solidarity has always been known to have been completely opposed to any form of totalitarianism and central government control. Solidarity has a history of fighting against Socialism not endorsing it! We strongly believe in the basic principles of Adam Smith’s Wealth of Nations, our Constitution, and our Bill of Rights. Our mission is to now protect these from all ENEMIES, both foreign and DOMESTIC; these include enemies led by greed that are the TRUE greatest national security risk we face. We firmly believe in wealth proportionate to gains obtained through competiveness, achievement and effort; what we do not believe in is “Liberal Capitalism” where money takes absolute control of power and that power becomes the State that ensures their continued dominance, all while progressively limiting any participation of the masses.  

America can conquer any enemy on earth, we are a proud republic, yet we must first conquer those that, through greed and “sperm right”, have stolen the American Dream; it is those we will fight on every street, every corner, and behind any brought politician where they may hide!”

Thanks Robert. Wow, I really see the determination in your eyes! Let me ask: how can people join Solidarity? “We will be approaching every single progressive activist group in the nation and most importantly, every single organized labor movement. Our website address is:

“We will soon be on every news media that our limited financial resources allow us to be on. We rely on organized labor to step up to the challenge, but we cannot and ought not wait long, as the ruling titans have been counting on our demise, through bickering and their formula of divide and conquer for years. Trust me, the true enemies of America are more than eager for confrontation for they continue to underestimate us; actually, they have made confrontation their near future main agenda!”

“Just remember though, even the Greek mythological Titans were defeated by Zeus…We must stand united as one, the time is NOW, the calling is out, we have no time left for debating, all differences based upon nonsense must be set aside for the greater purpose!”   

Thank you Robert, for the sake of our nations Middle Class, we hope Solidarity succeeds.

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Interviewer: N. J. Velardo

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