Clean Energy and Public Art Design Competition to be held for Freshkills Park, Staten Island

Land Art Generator Initiative partnership with NYC Department of Parks & Recreation will solicit ideas for public artwork to power hundreds of homes.

5/31/11 2:06 PM CET

(New York City/May 24, 2011) The Land Art Generator Initiative (LAGI) announced today that, in partnership with New York City's Department of Parks & Recreation, the 2012 LAGI design competition will be held for a site within Freshkills Park (the former Fresh Kills landfill) in Staten Island.

LAGINYC 2012 is an ideas competition to design a site-specific public artwork for Freshkills that, in addition to its conceptual beauty, has the ability to harness energy cleanly from nature and convert it to electricity for the utility grid.

The expansiveness of the design site at Freshkills Park presents the opportunity to power the equivalent of hundreds or even thousands of homes with public artwork. According to the LAGI co-founders, Elizabeth Monoian and Robert Ferry, “the stunning beauty of the reclaimed landscape and the dramatic backdrop of the Manhattan skyline will provide an opportune setting from which to be inspired, and it offers the perfect environment for a showcase example of the immense potential of aesthetically interesting renewable energy installations for sustainable urban planning.”

The detailed design brief will be released (via upon the opening of the competition in early 2012. The brief will be similar to the guidelines from the 2010 edition of the LAGI competition and will provide detailed information and analysis about the specific site location within Freshkills Park.

The monetary prize award to the winners of the 2012 LAGI design competition will not guarantee a commission for construction; however, LAGI will work with stakeholders both locally (NYC) and internationally to pursue possibilities for implementation of the most pragmatic and aesthetic designs that come from the biennial LAGI competitions.

About Land Art Generator Initiative

The Land Art Generator Initiative (LAGI) is a worldwide public arts initiative that offers the opportunity for collaborative teams of artists, architects, landscape architects and designers, working with engineers and scientists, to create new ways of thinking about what renewable energy generation looks like. LAGI seeks to broaden public awareness of renewable energy’s promise by inspiring and educating through public art about the potential for a sustainable future.

The long-term goal of the Land Art Generator Initiative (LAGI) is to design and construct site-specific public art installations that have the added benefit of large-scale clean energy generation. Each sculpture will continuously distribute clean energy into the electrical grid with each land art work having the potential to provide power to thousands of homes.

The project has received featured articles in numerous local and international press outlets, including The New York Times. LAGI continues to pursue the construction of the best designs while maintaining a biennial schedule for LAGI competitions in cities around the world.

LAGI was conceived and is managed by Elizabeth Monoian and Robert Ferry, a husband and wife team. Elizabeth is an interdisciplinary artist and designer, and is Assistant Professor at Zayed University. Robert is an architect and Principal of Studied Impact Design.

LAGI is a project of Society for Cultural Exchange, a US 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.


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About Freshkills Park

At 2,200 acres, Freshkills Park will be almost three times the size of Central Park and the largest park developed in New York City in over 100 years. The transformation of what was formerly the world’s largest landfill into a productive and beautiful cultural destination will make the park a symbol of renewal and an expression of how our society can restore balance to its landscape.

In addition to providing a wide range of recreational opportunities, including many uncommon in the city, the park’s design, ecological restoration and cultural and educational programming will emphasize environmental sustainability and a renewed public concern for our human impact on the earth.

While the full build–out will continue in phases for the next 30 years, development over the next several years will focus on providing public access to the interior of the site and showcasing its unusual combination of natural and engineered beauty, including creeks, wetlands, expansive meadows and spectacular vistas of the New York City region.

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About Land Art Generator Initiative (Society for Cultural Exchange)

LAGI is a project of Society for Cultural Exchange, a US 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that, through interdisciplinary processes, provides a forum for local and international communities to engage with the arts and environment.



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