SMG GLOBAL NETWORK signs with Bungalo Records and announces new Artist signings.

Wayne “Nation” Roper & THE SMG GLOBAL NETWORK ANNOUNCES NEW DISTRIBUTION VENTURE AND SIGNINGS! “My team and I are ecstatic about our new signings with Bungalo Records and our new artist roster. Our company and its artist’s feel right at home,” says P

4/30/12 9:11 AM CET

THE SMG GLOBAL NETWORK announces new distribution venture with Bungalo Records, exclusively distributed by Universal Music Group Distribution and newly signed artists HARD LABOR CAMP, YOUNG P., SHAKELLIA, KLOROX, FO BLOCC, SIKOSA, EVERYTHING WINKA, FAME & DRIZZEL, TREAL CITY, SIR CHIP & BAM, FRANCHISE BLACK, SPOT WORKAZ, WAYNE DUBB, CAUTION, Q BALL, GET LYKE ME SQUAD.

ABOUT THE SMG GLOBAL NETWORK: SMG GLOBAL NETWORK is a division of SMOKEBOX MUSIC GROUP, founded by Wayne “Nation” Roper, to give artists with great music, a global voice in today’s industry. SMG GLOBAL NETWORK focuses on producing, marketing, promoting and distributing multimedia projects.

ABOUT BUNGALO RECORDS: Universal Music Group Distribution exclusively distributes Bungalo Records and is home to such legendary artists as La Toya Jackson, Rodney Jerkins, Patti Labelle, Carl Thomas, DJ Quick, KC, Trillville, Suga Free, Mac10 and a host of others.insert your content here *



SMG GLOBAL NETWORK is a multi-media entertainment consulting company that helps artists of all kinds molds their talent into a brand that commands substantial market value. THE SMG GLOBAL NETWORK assists artists with corporate sponsorships and endorsements, sales and marketing, production and distribution and merchandising, clothing and apparel. In short, THE SMG GLOBAL NETWORK helps artists develop market and increase the market value of their brand.



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