Latina/Urban Fusion artist Sheena G has created a new sound with her debut album"The First Class"

Sheena G’s music is best described as a combination of Fusion Urbana, Reggaeton, and Hip-Hop, all with a distinct Latin American flavor.With production by Predikador there is no doubt what Sheena G's trajectory is- and she's traveling The First Class

2/4/12 9:32 PM CET

February 2nd, 2012—Portland, OR— Sheena G’s music is best described as a combination of Fusion Urbana, Reggaeton, and Hip-Hop, all with a distinct Latin flavor. When asked about the title of her album, Sheena G explains the double meaning: “It's first class because I remain a student, and this is my first of many albums. But also we put everything into the quality of this album; the musicians, the studio, and all the marketing is first class.” The First Class is being released by SGM Records. The First Class is a record that celebrates the power of women everywhere. Take track 4, Alegria (Happiness). “It’s about feeling stuck, and finally through it all being able to move on and feel free. This song pertains to love, changing careers; any real issue that requires you to let go.” Then there are fast paced Zumba and dance club favorites, like boom boom boom, which translates simply, "get close to me when you feel boom boom boom." Sheena G is a powerful and creative American/Latina woman with business savvy to boot. She is a natural born leader, and credits both her El Salvadoran mother and her German father for her drive. Shortly after being born in Portland, OR, Sheena moved to El Salvador, attending La Escuela Americana and enjoying the Central American lifestyle. Eventually her family was forced to move back to the states. Upon arriving in America when Sheena was just 11, she suffered a life threatening sickness: Kawasaki disease. The experience changed Sheena forever, and she vowed to “never give up on living life to the fullest.” Even during high school, Sheena was starting her own ventures. After dancing and modeling for local magazines, Sheena opened a flower shop and an espresso stand, and by early 2000's she had a successful chain of Clubs in Portland. In 2009 she released a track with E40 called Smell the Money, her anthem to the women of the Night, and in 2010 she released a mix tape entitled The G-Files. In 2012 she is scheduled to release her Debut Spanglish Urban Fusion Album. This album is sure to open up the marketplace allowing room for a all new sound for the new growing spanglish Urban Latino audience. Look for it


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