Bo Diddley Jr Launches Kickstarter project: “I Knew Diddley”

Gainesville FL The son of the legendary R&B guitarist Bo Diddley is writing a book about his childhood experiences, using a popular crowd funding website, and Facebook to tell the side of the story that has not yet been told.

3/6/12 9:22 AM CET

The book will be entitled “I Knew Diddley” by Bo Diddley Jr., and is being written from the perspective of a young boy and his sister caught between two parents in the midst of a 10-year marital struggle, ending in divorce. “My father and mother have told me later in life…” Ellas said, “things that fill in the puzzle…all of the missing pieces are there, and now it is time for history to know the real Bo Diddley.”

“It will be a story about Bo Diddley as a husband to my mother, and as a father to me and my sister.” Ellas writes on his website, announcing the book as set in the context of Bo Diddley’s fame and success. “The moral of the story will be to cherish your family and make them first in your life” he added.

Ellas is still engaged in legal battles concerning Bo's estate, and is asking fans of Bo to help him provide a perspective of Bo Diddley that only a son can provide -- by supporting this project at the true story of one of the most dynamic, talented, and charismatic musical geniuses the world has ever known.

Ellas lives in Bronson, Florida with his wife and pets. He periodically performs with other family members who all have musical abilities.



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I am the son of Ellas McDaniel Jr, the son of Ellas McDaniel, AKA "Bo Diddley".



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