Scorpio Books Finds Popular New Home In Container Shop In Cashel Mall

Like many other stores the independent bookseller was displaced by last year's earthquake but the new locations have shown promise

3/19/12 11:56 AM CET

Christchurch, March 2012 - After last year's devastating earthquake forced many stores and shops, like Scorpio Books the online books store, to find new locations the independent bookseller is finding its share of renewed attention at Cashel Mall. Scorpio Books has joined several iconic merchants in container shops in Cashel Mall after being invited by the Canterbury Business Association to join the container mall.

"We're excited to have the opportunity to join other well-established shops at Cashel Mall. Even though our customers know we're the place to find online books some really prefer the physical experience of choosing their books in store so it's great to be settled into our new location,” said Jo Hewitson of Scorpio books.

The new store carries about a quarter of the stock of its main store but nonetheless sales have been brisk helped along by the Buskers Festival and other lively events. The main store is now located at 113 Riccarton Road, near Rotherham Street and most of the 20,000 titles in stock can be found here.

Scorpio Books has been an institution in Christchurch for 32 years. Originally Pisces Books, the independent bookstore got a name change when it was purchased by David Cameron in 1975. At the time the store offered a selection of counter-culture and alternative book titles. The store evolved through the last 22 years to include a vast selection of books in a variety of genres. That variety grew further when the store settled into its 4,000 sq. ft. site in the heart of the city prior to the earthquake. These days book lovers can also enjoy the convenience of ordering books online from Scorpio books. 

To find books online or simply settle into one of the store's old-fashioned leather chairs with a good book visit or visit the store in Cashel Mall.

About Scorpio Books

Scorpio Books is an independent bookshop that has become an institution in Christchurch. Established 32 years ago, Scorpio Books originally offered a selection of counter-culture and alternative books but now has one of the largest selections of books, in both its physical shop and its online store, spanning a variety of genres. From the latest best sellers to such diverse topics as the occult and tarot, and fantasy and science fiction, Scorpio Books has it all. Find a vast selection of books online at http:// or visit their recent location in the Cashel Mall.



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