RenuTeck, Inc. Engages Third Party Firm to go Public.

RenuTeck, Inc is in negotiations with a third party which will allow RenuTeck to go public sooner then expected.

2/27/12 6:54 PM CET

The current capital measures of the RenuTeck serves to support the further expansion of the company. In particular, the focus is going to be more on Land Development for Renewable Energy. Unlike other companies in our field, the company as project developer greatly benefits from falling prices of renewable energy components in the wake of the global increase in production capacity.We feel that this is the right time to further expand its position in sector of Renewable Energy, focusing on a balanced and stable financial strategy”, explains Mr. Jon P. Marker, CEO of RenuTeck, Inc. 

About RenuTeck, Inc.

RenuTeck is a renewable energy company founded on the principle of always doing the right thing for our clients and the environment. We implement practical solutions to meet the needs of an ever changing energy landscape to ensure a cleaner, more secure energy future. We are committed to providing today's most comprehensive, yet affordable, renewable energy efficiency programs, systems & technologies. We have the knowledge and the ability to create specific solutions unique to each and every customer's needs.


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