The Convenience of One-Stop-Shopping For Farm Fencing and Gates

Warwick Gates Pty Ltd, developer of the Quikfence brand, has been providing strong, easy-to-install farm fencing to Australians since 1998. Now, the company is known as a one-stop-shop for farm fencing, rural fencing and farm gates.

3/13/12 11:31 AM CET

Since 1998, Warwick Gates Pty Ltd has been providing farm fencing solutions to Australians everywhere. Now, the company is known as a one-stop-shop for farm fencing, rural fencing and farm gate solutions.

Warwick Gates is the developer of the Quikfence brand. This trademarked brand of farm fencing consists of a complete range of steel strainer assemblies and a wide choice of base plates, posts and stays. The Quikfence brand of rural fencing is also known for its ease of installation. Each Quikfence steel strainer post system comes with simple installation methods and fully adjustable gate hinges for any sized job.

When customers need help with installation, Warwick Gates says that it is always there to help. The company can provide all of the tools and machinery that can be involved in farm fencing installation, including hand rammers, compressed air rammers, gas fired rammers, posthole augers, machine mounted hydraulic rammers, concreting materials and more.

Another reason why the Quikfence brand is so popular amongst Australians is because all of the farm fencing, rural fencing and farm gates manufactured by Warwick Gates are constructed from 100% Australian-made materials and have been 'hot dip galvanised' post-fabrication, which offers the best protection against the elements.

Mick Thomasson, a contractor from Rockhampton, QLD, recently purchased a Quikfence farm fence from Warwick Gates and, when asked about Quikfence farm fencing, said, "I find Quikfence products to be well fabricated and heavier duty than other similar products on the market. The products are quick and easy to install."

In addition to being a one-stop-shop for farm fencing, rural fencing and farm gates, the company also specialises in gate openers, field gates, cattle yard gates and custom rural gates. In fact, Warwick Gates will manufacture any farm gate to fit any gateway requirements. The gates offered range from residential scroll gates to security gates to chain wire gates. The gates are up to 9 metres high and come constructed with wheels to make large openings easily workable.

Australians who get their farm fencing, rural fencing and farm gate requirements from Warwick Gates will also enjoy the fact that Quikfence products are safe and easy to handle and completely termite resistant. Wood boring insects are often a problem for farm fencing, requiring that the fence be replaced every few years. Quikfence products are designed to last for years and even provide protection from fire.

For customers who wish to have Warwick Gates install the farm fencing, rural fencing or farm gates, the company employs a team of fully equipped and trained contractors who can install any of the company's products and services.

The company plans to continue producing farm fencing, rural fencing and farm gates for all types of applications, ensuring that it continues the trend of being a one shop for all farm fencing needs.

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