FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Curse of the Egyptian Goddess Book by Lisa Rayns Price: $6.99/$0.99

Curse of the Egyptian Goddess (24,000 word novella) by Lisa Rayns Price: $6.00 Print $0.99 Ebook ISBN: 9781466486089

2/10/12 2:54 PM CET

Given her ten-year curse that leaves her beaten and bruised, Emma Patrix has grown accustomed to drinking away the pain. And with a trail of dead bodies behind her, it was only a matter of time before the law caught up.

Now she's accused of murder and she must flee the country to find the one man who can help her break the curse-Calvin Konrad. She finally catches up with him in Egypt, but he's not the same sweet boy she remembers from her childhood. And getting him to help her proves more difficult than she ever imagined.

Praise For Curse of the Egyptian Goddess
"Curse of the Egyptian Goddess is truly a twisted curse of all curses." --M.R. Polish, YA author/reviewer.

"A compelling page turner that will suck you in." --Stephanie Nelson, author of Craved.Paranormal

Author Lisa Rayns
One beautiful Autumn day, a ten year old girl decided to write a poem for her family for Christmas. In the poem, she hoped to express everything that was in her heart.

What began as a nice gesture, soon created a spark of creativity and a love of writing. It started with essays in school and research papers that weren't assigned.

The little girl grew up and when her full life was at its absolute busiest, she sat down at the computer and began her journey to write a novel. With four boys, a husband, a full time job, and a house to remodel, it wasn't easy. But she set out to follow her dream anyway.Hold on to your dreams, no one else will.

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