A Cure For Illegal Immigration, Homosexual Bias, Racism, and Relationship Issues

“Whatever Happen To COMMON SENSE” is an Epic book that will keep you absolutely engaged until the last page. This book deals with just about every issue that you will encounter within a year. The author has done a masterful job on dealing with common

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WOW! Is what you will be saying after reading “Whatever Happen To COMMON SENSE” the book. Elmer Williams is utterly deadly with his words and he makes no apologies for what he says. He leaves no stones unturned; he talks about any and every thing. He says things that most people are thinking, but do not have the courage to say them.


Chapter 1 sums up the book “Just Tell It like It Is” and that is what Elmer does. You will be captivated by his frankness and common sense approach in the book. In chapter 7 and chapter 9 which are entitled “Raising Cain” and “Building Frankenstein”, he deals with what is wrong with our youth. These chapters also give a reason on why our children are not growing up to be responsible.

Everyone knows a person form The “Don’t Get It” Crowd which is the name of chapter 10. Chapter seventeen will touch on why so many men have been emasculated. It also discusses why the media is so adamant about portraying every homosexual as a perfect role model. This is the chapter that will get some heated conversations going.


Is race and racism a hot topic with the media? Well chapter 18 and 19 entitled “Race and Racism & Justice or Not. These chapters talk about white, black and latino race issues from both sides of the argument. “The Media Is To Blame” is the last chapter in the book and it discusses the media biases that we are facing. Common Sense is something that we all are born with, but often forget to use it. You could compare having common sense and not using this God given gift, to having a lifejacket aboard the Titanic, yet refusing to put it on. That’s what you will get from reading this book, a common sense methodology.


Let’s get back to the basics and maybe we can start an outburst of common sense thinking. This book is thought provoking and insightful. Some readers maybe become angered by the boldness of the Author. However it will get many dialogs started.


The book is available on Amazon, Createspace, and at WWW.WHATEVERHAPPENTOCOMMONSENSE.COM



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