1,400 Sign Petition to The Oregonian to Protest Lack of Coverage of Anti-Gay-Violence Rally

Progressives argue this is another example of unfair treatment by Oregon’s largest newspaper

6/8/11 9:45 AM CET

Progressive Oregon delivered a petition with over 1,400 signatures this afternoon to the publisher of The Oregonian to express anger and disappointment over the failure of the state’s largest media outlet to cover the “Hands Across Hawthorne” rally. This omission was particularly shocking, since they have reported on many Tea Party events—including one protest with just 15 participants.

“It is simply inexcusable that The Oregonian would not cover this historic rally of over 4,000 participants holdings hands against hate,” said Noah Heller, executive director of Progressive Oregon. “Unfortunately, unfair treatment of progressives and our issues has become increasingly common at the state’s largest newspaper.”  

"This rally was a significant and newsworthy event, which was covered by almost every major media organization in the region and even national outlets. To be ignored as nonexistent by Oregon's largest newspaper and self-proclaimed voice for the region, is not only offensive, but demonstrates poor journalistic standards," said Debra Porta, President of Pride Northwest and Chair of the Multnomah County Democratic GLBT Caucus.

The list of (public) signers and their comments can be found at:


While the petition has been delivered, Progressive Oregon will continue to allow folks to sign the petition online. We will forward the names of these new signers to The Oregonian.

Recent Unfair Treatment of Progressives in The Oregonian

As the researchers at Our Oregon have noted, in the year and a half since N. Christian Anderson III became The Oregonian's new publisher, their have been a series of incidents that have heightened concerned about biased treatment by The Oregonian:

"First, the paper famously flipped its opinion on ballot measures 66 and 67 after its new publisher took over, then opened up its front page to advertising (reversing their previous decision) by opponents to the measures, and has since tried to censor political advertisements from the Portland Schools' Bond campaign that Anderson also doesn't agree with."

The letter we sent to The Oregonian’s publisher, N. Chrisian Anderson III:

We were deeply disappointed that The Oregonian did not cover the historic “Hands Across Hawthorne” rally this past Sunday. Despite being organized in less than a week, this grassroots action was attended by over 4,000 Oregonians and was covered by numerous television and online news services.

It is shocking and upsetting that The Oregonian did not report on this rally, but has reported on many Tea Party events—including one protest with just 15 participants!

We deserve an apology for your paper’s failure to cover this important action and demand you outline a plan to provide REAL “fair and balanced” news coverage in the future.

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