As the weather warms up naturally thoughts turn to outside fun and basking in the sun. To keep that

The use of swimming pool covers can go a long way in helping to avoid accidents and in keeping children safe while playing around pools

2/18/12 10:26 AM CET

As the weather warms up naturally thoughts turn to outside fun and basking in the sun. To keep that entertainment enjoyable Pioneer Pools has launched a campaign to remind families about the importance of pool safety not only when they are enjoying the pool, but also when the pool is left unattended.Because outside summer activities include swimming in lakes, swimming pools and other bodies of water, families need to exercise extreme caution. Whether it's a simple watering hole or a backyard swimming pool, there's no better way to beat the summer heat. Swimming pools provide a terrific way to cool off and add plenty of entertainment for the family but they can also be a source of danger, especially when they aren't in use, Chris Sweeney of Pioneer Pools cautioned."Swimming pools are a lot of fun, but can also be dangerous. The most dangerous time is usually when no one is using the swimming pool. That's because that's when accidents happen. Installing a swimming pool cover can be an important measure to prevent accidental injury," Sweeney said.New Zealand has one of the worst annual drowning tolls in the developed world according to Water Safety New Zealand. Even though the numbers have seen a 60 percent reduction since 1985 when there was a high of 215, last year still saw 87 deaths. It remains the third highest cause of unintentional death in New Zealand after car crashes and accidental falls. Pioneer Pool and Building is making a point to let swimming pool owners know that something as simple as a swimming pool cover can make a big difference in the safety of a swimming pool. Even swimming pool owners without children should invest in a swimming pool cover to prevent accidents involving guests or even pets.Pioneer Pool and Building is a family-owned business that services swimming pools Christchurch wide. They have a reputation for quality products and services and have been repairing and building swimming pools in Christchurch for 35 years. Pioneer Pool and Building builds and repairs swimming pools but also handles filtration systems and pool heating, sound and lighting, pool interiors, pool cleaning systems and more. They provide swimming pool covers, swimming pool pumps and many other products needed to maintain those swimming pools Christchurch residents love in summer.Find out how to create a safer swimming pool and a fun and safe summer season. Visit <a href=""></a>

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