EXPOSURE Concert: Because love shouldn't hurt returns to expose domestic violence

What came to her in a dream, domestic violence survivor Suzanne Perry turned to an inspirational musical reality for the world to dance to. Three days, 2 stages, over 50 bands unite in this globally broadcast rock concert to expose domestic violence.

5/8/12 1:00 AM CET

The concert heard 'round the world is back for its third consecutive year. The 'EXPOSURE Concert: Because love shouldn't hurt' returns to Buffalo NY June 29, 30 and July 1st, and will again stream live, sending vibrations of unity, love, and anti-violence.

Inspired by a dream, survivor Suzanne Perry made it a reality - and then raised the bar - by having the show stream live, globally, in her plea to expose domestic violence.

Perry was beaten, interrogated and imprisoned by her husband for 22 years; and finally broke the cycle (of leaving and returning) in 2007, when their daughter threatened to run away at age 16 if her mother didn't do something about it. About 10 days later, as the audible arguing turned physical, the teen called 911; her father was arrested, and mother and daughter cautiously followed thru with protection orders.

Today, Perry is divorced, and has risen to become a victim advocate, motivational speaker, and founder of OP Music House, a nonprofit organization raising awareness of domestic violence thru live music events, offering confidence training, referrals and support to men and women impacted by it. She also hosts 4  radio programs, and has become a community star for her work with anti-bullying, confidence training, and helping plan various concert benefits.

Perry explains, "If the curtain and windows were open, if the parents, the teachers, the neighborhood could see, what if the whole world could see in.. would they do it? No, of course not. It's time to expose the abusers and hold them accountable. It's not okay. We have to expose it."

So many bands volunteered to play in this year's show, she had to stop at 53. Some bands are traveling several states to be on the bill. A friend of Perrys, Peter Jam, is a musician from Beirut, Lebanon that has recently been appointed Peace Ambassador by the Universal Peace Federation. Jam is a hopeful to appear. The two had been communicating via Facebook and phone for the past 2 years on their peace efforts and visions.

EXPOSURE will run for 3 days, and is free to the public; with Chinese auctions and raffles taking place to defray expenses and help raise supporting funds.

Regal Tip drum sticks has been a faithful corporate sponsor since EXPOSURE's inception in August, 2010 and continues to support Perry's efforts with limited edition signed drum sticks from bands such as Nickelback, Don Henley and Van Halen and other items.

On midnight Saturday (EST), EXPOSURE invites the world to sing in unison for John Lennons, 'Imagine.'

To date, the 3-day live music fest has been watched from 8 countries and 34 states, and Perry hopes with the help of modern technology that this year's will encompass every US state and many more nations.

The show will be held in Western New York at Page's Paradise Island, and can be watched from any device with internet capability via a link on the nonprofit's website, www.OPMusicHouse.org.


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Find yourself, love yourself, be yourself and be proud. OP Music House is a community organization with a global message - love shouldn't hurt! Support and referrals for men and women impacted by domestic violence, and live events to raise awareness, promote relationship education and confidence training. No bias. Just support.

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