Chaordix choses New Dialogues as their Partner for the Netherlands

Chaordix and New Dialogues have signed a partnership agreement that will enable Dutch companies and organizations to benefit from Chaordix’ world-class crowdsourcing solutions. New Dialogues will support the Chaordix solutions in The Netherlands.

11/15/11 2:53 PM CET

New Dialogues will market the Chaordix solutions in The Netherlands and provide local delivery and support capabilities. Together, they will bring the best approaches and latest insights on crowdsourcing to clients in the Netherlands.

Crowdsourcing is a proven way for companies, governments and organizations to benefit from the collective wisdom of large groups of people by allowing them to collaboratively submit, discuss, refine and rank ideas and submissions for specific questions the organizations have. Chaordix Crowd Intelligence™ solutions take this a step further with an engagement methodology that enables the crowd to co-create new products and services, provide richer market insight and ideas to build brand loyalty in one unified program. Crowdsourcing has proved to be more powerful in coming up with ideas, answers and solutions than traditional surveys, panels or individuals or smaller groups of experts.

 For success, crowdsourcing requires a combination of online technology, human intervention and collaboration know-how. Together, New Dialogues and Chaordix provide everything needed to make crowdsourcing successful including:

  • overall crowd engagement program strategy
  • crowd identification and recruitment
  • a state of the art online crowdsourcing technology platform that is branded and configured for each client
  • ongoing program management and moderation
  • results analysis.

Chaordix Crowd Intelligence programs help the world's leading companies and organizations gain business insight and competitive advantage through crowdsourcing. Chaordix works with companies such as E.ON, IBM, The Government of Ireland, Orange, Procter & Gamble and PwC to leverage their crowds. Chaordix services and technology guide an interactive process that encourages participation, provides moderation capabilities and ensures an unbiased outcome. Crowd Intelligence™ is a trademark of Chaordix, Inc. 

About New Dialogues

New Dialogues helps organizations attain results better and faster with crowdsourcing than would be possible with traditional product and service development, change management, marketing, polling and innovation programs. Through their Enterprise Dialogue™ approach they provide and organize everything needed to ensure crowdsourcing programs achieve their goals. New Dialogues has worked with leading companies in The Netherlands and abroad. Enterprise Dialogue™ is a trademark of New Dialogues.


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