New Widget connects prospective college students and college social media with one easy step, a leader in connecting students and colleges has developed the first college admission widget that automatically connects students and all of a college's social media in one easy step.

3/20/12 3:40 AM CET

"With students looking to connect with colleges on their terms, having a website where students and colleges can meet is just not good enough anymore," said Mike Rosich, Director of Social Media and I.T. at
"Today, most websites are interested in getting both students and colleges to spend time on their sites, but the reality is students search for information just about everywhere. We know this first hand having attracted thousands of students to  While that might be good for us, and other sites that concentrate on building a database, it doesn't do much to help students or colleges. What was really needed was a way to get students and colleges together no matter where they look." The answer: The social media widget.
The widget, which is simply a small piece of coding that resides on a college's website, allows colleges to collect basic information about prospective students. Once the profile is completed, students are automatically enrolled in all a college's social media sites -in one easy step. The widget can also be easily edited to add any future social media and the student profile can be edited and expanded upon by the student at will. What this guarantees is that students can continue to interact with colleges whenever and wherever they choose. With the widget, students and colleges come first while stays in the background.
In addition to the social media widget, colleges and students can avail themselves to a host of other tools only available through  For students, we offer the only fully indexed list of scholarships offered by colleges based on a student's GPA, SAT, or GPA. For colleges, offers the ability to specifically search for students who expressed an interest in your college, and colleges can even chat live with students -all included with the social media widget.

What the widget really does is it allows students to spend their time on your website and social media sites learning about you. With students spending more time reaching out through Facebook and Twitter, even if you simply use this tool to get students to Friend you on Facebook and follow you on Twitter, you have ensured your continued ability to educate them about your school with minimal effort. For more information about this new recruitment tool, please contact Mike at


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