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Fatpaint, the first online graphic design software, let anyone paint, draw and design pages, put the graphics on products, and then directly purchase or sell those products, such as iPad and iPhone cases, t-shirts, sneakers and promotional products.

4/18/11 6:17 PM CET

Danish software developer Mersica Inc. has launched Fatpaint ( ), the world's first online graphic design software. With Fatpaint, anyone can create pages, images and illustrations, and have it printed on custom products such as iPhone cases, t-shirts, sneakers and promotional products. It is integrated with Zazzle, a world leading custom printed products company, so that at the press of a button, the design created by the user is accurately displayed on products from within the graphics editor. The user can then share these images on Facebook so that their friends can comment their design, and buy or sell the products on Zazzle.

The main idea behind Fatpaint is to make it easier for people to make graphic design and put it on custom printed products that they can buy or sell. Prior to Fatpaint, it was a difficult task to draw and paint your own graphics, and have it printed on products. After making the graphics on your favorite graphics application, you needed to manually send the files to the printing company. This process was tedious, and if you were not happy with the design, you had to go back and repeat the whole process again. 

Fatpaint makes the process of designing, buying or selling custom printed products much easier because it comes with built-in tools for painting, drawing and printing on custom products. Besides that, it contains an impressive collection of graphical content, such as fonts, public domain images, clip arts and brushes. Furthermore, images can directly be added to the project by searching on Wikimedia, Picasa, Flickr, Bing, Yahoo and Google. The completed project can be saved on Fatpaint's server or your own computer. 

With Fatpaint, users can publish and sell custom designed products like t-shirts, mugs and mousepads on their own webshop. The online tool connects registered users with Zazzle so that the designed products are sent directly to the Zazzle market place. For those not interested in making their own design, the Fatpaint website has a gallery showcasing  products designed by talented artists from all over the world. All products are for sale and can be customized.

Fatpaint is the first graphics application to integrate desktop publishing features with vector drawing, brush painting and custom printed products. It is free to use, runs completely online inside all major web browsers, and doesn't require registration. Fatpaint was recently launched after five years of development and one year of beta testing.

Visit us on and try to design your own iPhone case, t-shirt or mug. You'll find some great design tools, over 900 fonts, 5000 cliparts, 15000 images and tutorial videos showing the basic steps so you can have a cool design ready in a few minutes.


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