mention moves out of beta and reinvents Google Alerts

After 5 months in the beta version and hundreds of suggestions from our 25,000 beta testers, mention is finally launching its collaborative tool to monitor your brand, your name or your competitor.

10/30/12 5:41 PM CET

Paris, 1st October 2012. Mention officially launches its media monitoring tool. mention makes it possible for anyone to create alerts on his name, brand and competitors  and get informed  in real-time about any mention on the web and the social web. mention is an application available for the web, desktop and mobiles devices. 

monitor millions of sources in real-time

mention monitors millions of sources (press, blogs, forum, videos, images, etc.) on the web and the social web. A user can create one or many alerts and get notified about what is being said in real-time. It is possible to seamlessly react to any mention from the desktop app or directly from mobiles devices. “Mention makes it possible to instantaneously react to any mention without leaving the app, comment, retweet, reply, share, or assign a task, all in one single click” adds Edouard de la Jonquière, CEO of mention.  

bury noise, enhance the signal

Getting the right signal is one of the most important challenge for monitoring tools. mention is based on an in-house technology called “anti-noise” that learns from people behaviors in order to remove noise coming from spam and homonyms. In addition to that, priority mentions are surfaced to make them more visible.  Mention buries the noise and make relevant mentions more visible, defined by the authority of the source, influence of the author and user behaviors.  

Special features for a professional use

A brand new statistics and data export tool is available to analyse mentions by sources, languages, over time and compare alerts with each other. On top of that, it's now possible to generate PDF reports and export data in CSV to rework them. 

To be used by one or by a team

mention has been created to be used by a single person or by a whole team. Alerts can be shared with a team in order to have access to a single feed of information and to be able to work together.  “mention is getting even more meaningful on a collaborative level. Create an alert,  share it with your team, assign tasks and see what everybody is doing to manage the community” explains Edouard, CEO of mention.  

Availability and pricing

mention is available on the web (classic, chrome and iPad application), on desktop applications (Linux, Windows, Mac) and on mobile devices (Android and iPhone). In addition to that, mention offers a public API to allow developers to create their own clients or services and to embed mention in existing systems.  

mention is based on a freemium model. The free plan is available to everyone and a pro version ($19.99 / month) is available to work beyond free plan limits (number of mentions, alerts and size of history)
and to get access to premium features like export and statistics. mention also offers team plans so that a company can buy pro plans in bulk with a discount. 

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About Mention

Mention is a french startup founded in 2012 by Edouard de La Jonquière (Capgemini), Thibaud
Elzière (, Quentin Nickmans (cofounder of efounders), Arnaud Le Blanc, and Didier
Forest. Mention is a media monitoring
app combining web and social networks. With 200,000 users in 140 countries, Mention targets the growing population of community managers in Fortune 500 to Fortune 5,000,000 companies.



Contact: Matthieu Vaxelaire (CEO)

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