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  • 12 Feb 2014

    Google kills Google alerts via RSS. mention got you covered!

    Google kills Google alerts via RSS. mention got you covered!

  • 17 Dec 2013

    mention and Buffer partner for a better way to monitor and publish on social media

    There are 2 of the most important element to doing social media well:

    - Publishing great content across your social accounts
    - Monitoring and listening, as well as responding to your fans and followers

  • 26 Jun 2013

    With 100,000 users, mention launches a shiny new app and enterprise collaborative solution

    After raising $800k in March, mention is now launching a brand new version of its app together with a shiny new website to improve customer experience and to pave the way for collaborative
    community management.

  • 23 Oct 2012

    mention moves out of beta and reinvents Google Alerts

    After 5 months in the beta version and hundreds of suggestions from our 25,000 beta testers, mention is finally launching its collaborative tool to monitor your brand, your name or your competitor.

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  • Source: TechCrunch

    With 50,000 Users & Double-Digit Monthly Revenue Growth, French Real-Time Alerts Startup Mention Raises $800K Flash Seed

    French real-time alerts startup mention, which describes its offering as ‘Google Alerts on steroids’, has raised a “flash” seed round of $800,000 (€600,000) from Alven Capital and Point Nine Capital.

  • Source: TechCrunch

    Mention Launches An iPad App For Its Media Monitoring Tool, Opens Office in New York

    French startup Mention launched an iPad app to monitor your online reputation from your tablet.

  • Source:

    Mention: #1 amongst the 8 Powerful Social Media Marketing Tools for Savvy Businesses

    Mention is one of the best tools to monitor your brand's presence across the web.

  • Source: TechCrunch

    Mention Becomes A Full-Fledged Media Monitoring Tool With Buffer Integration

    Mention just received an important update that should make it more compelling to its user base

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  • @bradsmith14 Mention was the one I tested. I really like the interface:

    Kyle Denhoff


  • @tolguen Probably @mention is the best



  • I recommend "mention" for finding out who is talking about you online :-)

    Andy Geldman


  • @mention thanks to you we picked up someone mentioning us on a similar Indiegogo project to ours. #powerful

    Jeremy Melul


  • @trello @SproutSocial @Mention @Meltwater @hootsuite my lousy exp with a @meltwater sales rep was enough to turn our NPO elsewhere!



  • Struggling to pick out a #socialmedia tool? We compare @sproutsocial @mention @meltwater and @hootsuite



  • 6 Huge Benefits of Listening to Your Community


  • @mention thanks for the heads up!

    Bill Franklin


  • Thanks @Fonchs @ClementDelangue @EntMagazine I am using @Mention I love it ;-) Nice infographic: by @ClementDelangue

    Ana de Jorge


  • The 6 Critical Types of Social Media Comments You Must Plan For


  • 6 Tips for Making Your Customers Feel Awesome (and Why It Matters) – The Mention Blog @alice_default

    Nick Besbeas


  • Alert: It is No Longer 1982, So Why is CRM Still There? (Oracle Social Spotlight)


  • Well played @Mention.

    John Edgar


  • In order to track #socialmedia ROI I'd say services such as @mention are a good way to track your brand(and the return.) #bufferchat

    Shawn Hartwell


  • @damiendouani à croire que @Mention lis dans nos pensées du jour ?



  • Use @Mention to monitor your mentions. A listening tool for keeping up with all your mentions on #Twitter #socialmedia

    Sathish Ganesh


  • @realtormatthew @SWPremierIns I definitely prefer @Mention over G-alerts... more relevant and timely info!

    Debra Trappen


  • Marketing and Online Reputation Management: Why One Compliments the Other | Timeshare News & Travel


  • Check out this fab tool for tracking mentions of your brand / target keywords on social, forums + more. Great...

    Digital Destiny


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