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  • 17 Dec 2013

    mention and Buffer partner for a better way to monitor and publish on social media

    There are 2 of the most important element to doing social media well:

    - Publishing great content across your social accounts
    - Monitoring and listening, as well as responding to your fans and followers

  • 26 Jun 2013

    With 100,000 users, mention launches a shiny new app and enterprise collaborative solution

    After raising $800k in March, mention is now launching a brand new version of its app together with a shiny new website to improve customer experience and to pave the way for collaborative
    community management.

  • 23 Oct 2012

    mention moves out of beta and reinvents Google Alerts

    After 5 months in the beta version and hundreds of suggestions from our 25,000 beta testers, mention is finally launching its collaborative tool to monitor your brand, your name or your competitor.

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  • Source: TechCrunch

    With 50,000 Users & Double-Digit Monthly Revenue Growth, French Real-Time Alerts Startup Mention Raises $800K Flash Seed

    French real-time alerts startup mention, which describes its offering as ‘Google Alerts on steroids’, has raised a “flash” seed round of $800,000 (€600,000) from Alven Capital and Point Nine Capital.

  • Source: TechCrunch

    Mention Launches An iPad App For Its Media Monitoring Tool, Opens Office in New York

    French startup Mention launched an iPad app to monitor your online reputation from your tablet.

  • Source:

    Mention: #1 amongst the 8 Powerful Social Media Marketing Tools for Savvy Businesses

    Mention is one of the best tools to monitor your brand's presence across the web.

  • Source: TechCrunch

    Mention Becomes A Full-Fledged Media Monitoring Tool With Buffer Integration

    Mention just received an important update that should make it more compelling to its user base

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  • @Mention YESSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!! ✋✋✋✋

    Mike Singletary


  • If you monitor #content, @mention is really impressive, pulling everything, I mean everything, from across the web in real time. #sm



  • 45 Best Mobile Apps for Businesses/Marketers... A few that intrigued us: @Mention, @IFTTT, @Over & Wi-Fi Finder.



  • New hack .@Mention offers discount codes within webinars. If you ever organize a webinar, this is a great trick!



  • To my fellow business followers. Have a look at the @mention App if you've not seen it before. #seo #social #UKBusinessHour #mondaymorning

    Annie's Closet


  • @Mention ... Yep, it appeared pretty quick. Quite liking this, let's see how I can use it to benefit @AnniesCloset #seo #social #thumbsup

    Darren Gregory


  • A6. Social Listening is MOST important! I use a combination of: @BuzzSumo @spiderQube @Mention Google Alerts & @RivalIQ #MarketingChat

    Brian Fanzo


  • @lincolnmurphy Thanks a lot for sharing your advices Lincoln! Very helpful #MentionChat - next time see you in Paris :)

    Matthieu Vaxelaire


  • @Glenny3972 no problem - it's the best App and monitoring service around! ping @Mention

    Social Media Monster


  • #SocialMediaTip: Mention is a great tool to help you keep on top of your brand all over the web. . #smallbiz

    The Funding Company


  • Conseil #webmarketing vintage : Je récolte les feedback de ma marque et produits avec @Mention - #CM

    Guillaume Leheuzey


  • @c_albertdeitch I happened catch it a couple of seconds after it was published using @mention. The Kanye hed caught my eye.



  • Along with paid media watch I use @mention to make sure that we pick up anything published about our brand online:

    Agnete Winnje


  • Here's a secret - @Mention App is one of my secret weapons. Get it. Seriously - do yourself and your clients a huge favour. #CrisisComms

    Social Media Monster


  • @sasGames @ChrisPolus I saw in a dev diary that you were using Google Alerts.You should try it's much more powerful.



  • Have a hard time keeping track of mentions of your blog? Try using @Mention instead of Google alerts -> easier + better tracking!

    Kate Tilton


  • Social media tip: yes, Google Alerts are useful, but have you tried Mention? See here (referral link)—

    Jacob Sam-La Rose


  • 20+ Tools that will turn you into a Twitter Power User | #SeriouslySocial


  • @buffer and @Mention is the killer combo. Two great apps that grok what good UX/UI is about...

    Dan Rosenstark


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