Meetupcall: New Conference Call Services for Africa

Calls to and from South Africa, Kenya, Nigeria and Algeria via Meetupcall's new international conference call numbers are helping to cut communication costs with an additional 25% saving for charities in the region.

4/6/12 2:51 PM CET

Conference calls are a fantastic way to communicate in this modern age, wherever you are in the world. It is a way to connect that can cross any distance, boundary and time zone, bringing numerous participants together in real time. With Meetupcall it is all very easy and competitively priced, which is exciting in itself, but now they have created the opportunity for users to dial in to conference calls from Africa.

Meetupcall conference call dial in numbers are available for South Africa, Kenya, Nigeria and Algeria, enhancing possibilities for low cost communication in these countries. Company Director Simon Moxon tells us this is a "response to demand from charities working in Africa, who see a real need for our first-rate conference call services". Available to all, you simply sign up, decide when you want the conference call to take place, let everyone know the details and then just dial into the conference, entering your details via the keypad.

The availability of Meetupcall teleconferencing in Africa is a great step forward in the provision of such services in the region. Whilst throughout the world their conference call services are perfect for colleagues who wish to converse, managers who wish to discuss important business matters, offices separated by geography – in fact, anyone – their use for Africa has added resonance. Across the globe, dialling into a Meetupcall number can make all the difference to meetings, deadlines, negotiations, costs… or simply getting in touch. However, as Meetupcall services will support the day-to-day efforts of charities that carry out great work in these African countries, the result will ultimately make a difference to people’s lives.

The new dial in numbers for Africa will, like all Meetupcall services, be extremely easy to use, reliable and low cost. Experts at what they do, which is why you will always find their conference call services to be reliable and secure. Just as many customers have found, Meetupcall services are available for use by all sizes of organization, from major multi-national corporations to small independents companies, even if you’re a start-up of one.

Dial in from South Africa, Kenya, Nigeria and Algeria with Meetupcall, or from any of Meetupcall's 60 plus international dial-in number. Visit to take a look at the pricing plans.  There is a 25% discount for all registered charities.

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