Mailjet Goes Global And Approaches One Billion Emails

Mailjet gains traction and expands in Europe and the United States. The platform approaches one billion emails sent and is simultaneously opening some offices in Madrid, Berlin, London and San Francisco.

4/5/12 11:19 PM CET

Gaining traction and sustaining a fast growing community

Mailjet is sending tenths of millions of emails each week and should soon surpass 10,000 active users. These impressive figures were achieved in little more than a year: the future looks quite promising.
Offices are opening in 4 countries, while supporting 4 languages

Mailjet is going global and opening offices in the United States (San Francisco), the United Kingdom (London), Germany (Berlin) and Spain (Madrid). Each of these countries is a strategic location for Mailjet’s continued development. The platform is available in each of these country languages and customer support is also provided locally. These 4 languages reinforce Mailjet’s commitment to support: in contrast to other service providers, there is no language barrier for the customers.

Quentin Nickmans, CEO of Mailjet, feels that having a local approach is very important: “We want to remain close to our customers. That’s the Mailjet DNA: always close and always responsive. Our service isn’t just a website.”

Version 3: Mailjet sticks to its User-Centered philosophy

The third version of the platform was released last week. It aims to deliver simplicity and value to the customers. Mailjet continues to enhance new functionalities while remaining easy to use. The team actually responds to customer needs by making sure that new features fit the “ease-of-use criteria”. As they like to put it “we keep it moving but keep it simple”. The new Campaign Management system needs to be seen, as it’s a good example of this particular approach.

New API opens up new possibilities for developers

The API has been completed: a staple of the Mailjet ecosystem. The integration to other platforms (CRM, eCommerce, etc.) is an important factor of growth. Mailjet’s open and free API delivers impressive results in terms of email marketing. Partners can leverage Mailjet with their own segmentation and targeting tools. 

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Please contact Elie Chevignard: he will answer your questions and see if it's possible to arrange an interview with Quentin Nickmans, Mailjet's CEO.


About Mailjet

Mailjet is a powerful all-in-one email service provider clients can use to get maximum insight and deliverability results from both their marketing and transactional emails. The company’s analytics tools and intelligent APIs give senders the best understanding of how to maximize benefits for each individual contact, with each email sent.



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