French Startup Mailjet Raises $3,3 million

Mailjet, the cloud based email platform, has raised $3.3 million from Alven Capital and private investors.

11/29/12 6:00 PM CET

Launched in 2011, the innovative cloud platform enables users to manage the sending and tracking of transactional emails sent by web applications and eCommerce platforms. Mailjet delivers a reliable and high-performance tool avoiding complex and costly-to-maintain internal solutions. The company is also tackling the optimized management of deliverability, aiming to avoid spam flagging of legitimate email (globally, 1 in 5 legitimate emails do not reach their intended recipient).

The intuitive user interface is key to Mailjet’s success. With a simplified approach, Mailjet gives accessibility to functionalities which, with the previous generation of tools, were reserved only for experienced users. The solution fully integrates the users’ business processes. The platform has already attracted over 10,000 active clients of all sizes in only 18 months.

"The technology we have been working on for 2 years lays the foundations for a robust and scalable platform that will allow us to offer innovative features to our users," explains Julien Tartarin, CEO and Founder of Mailjet. "Our team is focusing on the user experience. It's our passion: to provide a simple and intuitive interface. We couple this with a powerful and flexible API, for both developers and large accounts." 

Quentin Nickmans, co-Founder, adds: "The funds raised will allow us to accelerate our commercial deployment for the next 2 years and to continue structuring the company to support our very strong growth while maintaining a very high level of service. We are also recruiting on an international scale, to be ever closer to our customers, the ISPs and the developers, in Europe and in the rest of world."

"The market is huge and is just booming" explains Thibaud Elzière, co-Founder of Mailjet and Founder of Fotolia and eFounders. "There aren’t any more (sensible) startups that launch without a service like Mailjet. The cloud is a long-term trend and deliverability management will only be getting more and more complex in the future...." 

This is Mailjet's first institutional funding round. Alven Capital invested $3.3 million in this fund-raising, together with Laurent Asscher and eFounders who completed the round. The company previously received $300K from e-Founders, to finance its R&D.

Raffi Kamber, Investment Director at Alven Capital : "Mailjet demonstrated the relevance of its solution by gaining the loyalty of more than 10,000 clients. The quality of the team and the ambitious nature of the project quickly convinced us. We are very proud to support Mailjet in its growth."

Mailjet is hiring across multiple job functions: business development, marketing and engineering. Interested candidates should visit their dedicated job page.


About Mailjet

Mailjet is a powerful all-in-one email service provider clients can use to get maximum insight and deliverability results from both their marketing and transactional emails. The company’s analytics tools and intelligent APIs give senders the best understanding of how to maximize benefits for each individual contact, with each email sent.



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