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  • 5 May 2014

    Mailjet Redefines How E-Marketers and Developers Send Emails With Its Latest Iteration

    Company Pushed Beyond Traditional Email A/B Testing and
    Gives Users the Data they Need to Send Emails that Get Results

  • 29 Nov 2012

    French Startup Mailjet Raises $3,3 million

    Mailjet, the cloud based email platform, has raised $3.3 million from Alven Capital and private investors.

  • 3 Apr 2012

    Mailjet Goes Global And Approaches One Billion Emails

    Mailjet gains traction and expands in Europe and the United States. The platform approaches one billion emails sent and is simultaneously opening some offices in Madrid, Berlin, London and San Francisco.

  • 21 Jun 2011

    Mailjet : the solution to bypass spam filters

    Only four in five emails gets to its destination! Mailjet proposes an affordable and simple solution to ensure that your messages reach their recipients.

  • 26 Jan 2011

    Mailjet delivers your e-mails directly in real time

    Mailjet is a platform that delivers transactional and marketing e-mails from any website in a way that each message reaches its recipient on time. Mailjet offers innovative realtime tools.

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  • Source: Business 2 Community

    How Real Life Ecommerce Marketers Win This Holiday Season

    You just packed away your sunscreen and beach chair yesterday and already are bombarded with the Pumpkin Spice Lattes and Halloween decorations everywhere you turn. Hate to break it to you, but the holidays are just around the corner.

  • Source: WeWork Magazine

    Why your emails aren't hitting the inbox

    Ever enter a store where you ask the sales rep about a product and they don’t respond? Hopefully not! And if that has happened before, it probably didn’t make for a very memorable experience.

  • Source: Wired Insights

    Ignoring Email Growth Hacks? Big Mistake

    There’s a bagel place down the street from our office that we love going to. Now, in New York City you can easily find a bagel shop every two blocks, so why are we so attached to this bagel place?

  • Source: MarketingProfs

    Five deadly email platform migration mistakes to avoid

    Good news: your company's email list had a recent growth spurt. You're sending more email than ever—to a larger audience—and with all that growth it's time to consider a new email service provider (ESP).

  • Source: TechRadar Pro

    Forget IM: why email is still the ultimate form of online communication

    Young people don't use email. Everyone hates their never-ending inbox. The likes of WhatsApp, Twitter and SnapChat are gaining in popularity. But does all that really mean that email is dead?

  • Source: TechRadar Pro

    5 tech tips every email marketer should know

    Marketers amaze me. Every day, I marvel at the creativity and linguistic verve on show in the messages sent by our thousands of customers. But one of my biggest challenges is convincing them that database fields are as crucial to email as an engaging catch phrase.

  • Source: WeWork Magazine

    How the Mailjet team maintain's their "hustle" as they scale their global business

    It’s lunchtime, and I’m just finishing up a HipChat call, wishing a co-worker good night. Our headquarters are in France, and I’m based out of New York, one of our six “satellite” offices. At Mailjet, our co-founders Julien Tartarin and Wilfried Durand made it a priority to be global from the start.

  • Source: The Next Web

    With A/x testing, Mailjet helps marketers compare up to 10 different versions of emails before sending

    Hot on the heels of Mailjet‘s $3 million funding round back in March and the launch of its New York office, the French startup has introduced some key new features to its email management platform.

  • Source:

    Mailjet raises $3.3 million from Alven Capital and others for its cloud-based emailing platform

    Mailjet, a Paris, France-based provider of a cloud email platform, has secured $3.3 million in funding from venture capital firm Alven Capital and private investors Laurent Asscher and eFounders.

  • Source: Techcrunch

    Scrappy Cloud-Hosted Emailer Mailjet Raises $3.3 Million

    Cloud emailing service Mailjet (...) has raised $3.3 million from Alven Capital and private investors.

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