Likebooks Launches New Website That Turns Facebook Timelines into Personalized, Keepsake Books

Likebook has announced the launch of their new website and product, Likebook allow Facebook users to create personalized, physical books based on their Facebook activity.

5/8/13 1:00 PM CET

Paris, France – May 8, 2013 – Likebooks, a social media book company inspired by reverse social engineering, has announced the launch of their new website and product, Likebook allow Facebook users to create personalized, physical books based on their activity--status updates, pictures, and the comments from their friends--on Facebook.

Likebook is the brainchild of Nicolas Cazagou. Likebook’s are based on an idea that Cazagou created in 2010 called Egobook. Egobook was the first book to take status updates from users on the social media giant, Facebook, and place them into a physical book for the user as a keepsake. The concept was ignited when Cazagou wanted to give his wife a book retracing their love story on Facebook and realized that no website offered such a service. According to Cazagou, “we wanted a book that would tell our story—the one we write everyday, without knowing it—on our Facebook accounts.” From that point, he began creating the model for Egobook. The Likebook project is an extension of the Egobook family and its developpement started in 2011. It is headed up by Patrick Osinski, a specialist in new technologies and marketing. In late 2012, Likebook won the 2012 Rio Info Startup contest in São Paulo, Brazil.

Likebook offers social media users a way to re-connect on a genuine level in a fast-paced digital world. With Facebook users creating what is equal to 100 pages of a physical book per year, Likebook is an ideal way to have a keepsake of life memories that often are shared via social media. “Users already have several years of their personal life story on Facebook. We provide a way to respond to the basic human need to gather, archive, and share the personal stories that are stored in social networks,” says Patrick Osinski, Marketing Director of Likebook.

Even with the popularity of digital media, people are still captivated by words and pictures that a tangible, physical book provides. Likebook can be used for a variety of occasions and is an inventive way to share memories with close friends or family members. “Likebook is way to tell a story. Each customer uses it to tell his or her own story,” says Likebooks Community Manager, Bérénice Nicolas. “We are always amazed to see how people are using our service,” she says. Likebook has been used to share the birth of a new child, love stories of couples, and other life events. Corporations have used Likebook as commemorative gifts for employees to share memories of special events that were chronicled on their company Facebook Page.

Likebook can go back as far as 2007 to create a book. Currently, they are the only service on the market that offers a physical book to show life events from a social media website and offers a one-click book creation service where the user can automatically turn Facebook contents into a book. Likebook is an affordable gift option and prices include delivery in the US and Europe.

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About Likebooks

Likebooks is the first company to offer Facebook users the option of placing their social network activity into a book. Likebooks has sold thousands of books worldwide and was the 2012 Rio Info winner in the startup category in São Paulo, Brazil. Likebooks specializes in printing data from social networks.



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