Yale Study Proves Benefits of Meditation. Meditation Apps Enhance Success In Fast Paced Cultures.

A study from Yale University proves the brains of those that meditate function differently, enhancing the ability to focus in a fast paced world. Using App technology, Laughing Place Apps makes meditation easier to use in today's high-tech culture.

4/10/12 9:31 AM CET

A report published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences  said experienced meditators had decreased activity in an area of the brain called the default mode network, a region that is usually at work when the mind wanders. Even when the meditators weren't meditating, this region of their brain was much quieter than in their inexperienced counterparts.  In a fast-paced, technology-oriented culture, where the ability to focus constructively is ever more challenged, the results of this study underline the value of meditation as a tool for success.

Laughing Place Apps believed this report when they decided to develop a range of Guided Meditation Apps.  Owner, Alan Moore, said, "We thought leveraging the technology that is part of the cause for increased stimulus would be a good platform from which to create a solution."

With a total of eight Guided Meditation Apps, six single meditations and two complete sets, Laughing Place Apps created a variety of guided meditations led by a certified meditation teacher; adding features to the Apps that allow a person to make journal notes, use the Apps as an alarm or a tool for lucid dreaming, and scroll the timeline of each meditation to replay specific pieces of any given meditation.

Reviewers of the Apps say:

Soledad Sanchez (Aligned Within complete set in iTunes)
"Very soothing and relaxing.  Glad I found these meditations.  I have found and listened to others. None have put me into deep, meditative state like these."    

Van Malahann (Meditations of Awakening complete set in Amazon App Store)
"I had originally purchased the first of these 4 meditations, Relax and open up, and was so pleased with it I went ahead and bought the complete set. I am new to meditating and didn't know where to even start. Upon listening to the guided instruction I feel more centered, driven, focused and calmer throughout my daily work routines than ever before. I love the use of the wake up alarm feature, this allows me to start my day with an already enjoyable state of mind and I can continue that throughout my day. Thank you for the great wellbeing that I have found in my life!!"   

Jonathan (Flow and Align individual mediation in Google Play) 
"I've been listening daily and it gets better every time. Ahnalira's voice is quite soothing. After listening I'm relaxed and centered."

Available in both IOS and Android platforms, these Guided Meditation Apps use the technology of a fast-paced environment to enhance the "timeless" benefits of focus and relaxation.

Pricing and Availability:

Priced from $2.99 for individual Apps to $10.99 for a complete set of four Guided Meditations.  Available worldwide through iTunes, Amazon, and Google Play stores  Promo codes are available for qualified reviewers. Please specify the website or blog represented when making a request.   

Contact:  Alan Moore   

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