Peacekeeper #1- Dwayne Boyd on the set of "Hunger Games" with Jennifer Lawrence

Dwayne Boyd describes his experience on set as an "epic journey" while working with Jennifer Lawrence and other great actors. Aside the film being a major attraction, the emotionally intense scenes were inspiring to Boyd's role as a Peacekeeper.

3/20/12 10:13 AM CET

On March 23, 2012 "Hunger Games," one the most anticipated films of this spring, will be watched by millions of people who will be attracted to new characters or admiring their favorite actors such as Dwayne Boyd.

The ability to transcend the appearance of peace in character, in addition to displaying masculine strenghth is an art within itself and Boyd was able to deliver and gain the role as a Peacekeeper.
  As a Peacekeeper he had minimal lines, however, Boyd managed to highlight the importance of being proficient in the craft of acting.

The games are still on and Boyd, who has made appearances in episodes of NBC's Surface and Lifetime's hit shows Army Wives,
Drop Dead Diva, Sony's "The Gospel", Usher's music video "Climax" and took on the role as a referee in the Disney film "The Odd Life of Timothy Green", is currently preparing for more roles. This fall he can be seen in Fox's "Parental Guidance" with Billy Crystal, Bette Midler, and Marisa Tomei. 

Boyd is definitely mastering the game of working hard.  As a Producer, Director and Actor as well as instructor at Premier Actors’ Network (PAN) – which Boyd founded in 2003; he currently manages weekly acting classes for aspiring actors. Boyd has over 70 students on his roster that he trains in Decatur, GA at the Porter Sandford Performing Arts Center.  For more information about Dwayne Boyd visit, or

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