Triumph of the berry best fruitcake (where others dare not venture)

A fruitcake renaissance: learn how the blue honeysuckle berry, tonka bean and organic bahian cocoa converge. Discover the most valued handcrafted fruitcake available in Japanese food emporiums. The cake only grannie once baked, until now!

12/3/13 3:00 PM CET

Are you looking for a unique high-quality fruitcake to serve to guests and give as gifts over the upcoming holiday season? A rich fruitcake studded with fruit and nuts and soaked in brandy or rum makes an impressive and special treat. But only if it’s made from scratch and properly aged!  Ken’s Fruitcake from Montreal uses the secrets of cake curing and fruit marinating to create superb fruitcakes reminiscent of grandma’s baking.

You’ll be overwhelmed with pleasure by the rich, tangy taste of Tundra, a blend of the flavours of Swiss chocolate and haskap berries, a new offering for 2013 from Ken’s Fruitcake.

Originating in Russia and now grown in Canada, the haskap berry, also known as the blue honeysuckle berry, combines the tart flavors of fresh raspberries and blueberries for a unique burst of flavour. The people of Japan attribute wellness and longevity to the haskap berry with its high antioxidant properties.

But people buy Ken’s Fruitcake for more than good health. Ken Ilasz follows the tradition begun in Vienna by his family of bakers who supplied the Royal Court with fruitcake 150 years ago. He uses the basics of his great-grandmother’s wholesome recipe but adds exotic ingredients.

Customers buying his fruitcakes have strong emotional responses when they taste his cakes. “My cakes remind them of fruitcakes their grandmothers made,” he says. His secret? Time and only the finest ingredients. Cake curing and fruit marinating are important to the quality. For instance, he marinates figs in alcohol for one year.

Handcrafted in small batches and aged from three months to two years, his superb cakes have no candied fruits or artificial flavourings. In fact, his next batch of Classic cakes with pure maple syrup is organic. He focuses on the best ingredients, including Quebec maple syrup and Saskatchewan unbleached flour.

Besides the new Tundra, Ken offers 10 other flavours, all richly melded and aged to create a memorable taste experience.  For example, Pimihkan features mango, prunes, black currants and raisins along with walnuts, Brazil nuts and star anise, while Jubile includes figs and pears and Saskatchewan, of course, features Saskatoon berries and apricots, all marinated in a combination of rum, brandy and kirsch and aged for months for a dark moist texture.

These luxury items are like a fine vintage wine and make a unique gift for clients and friends, not to mention a memorable treat for family occasions. Ken recommends serving fruitcake with foie gras, aged Cheddar or, of course, maple syrup.

Prices range from $40 to $55 for a 900-gram fruitcake. Each cake is packaged in a beautifully embossed, silvery cake tin. All you need to add is a festive red bow! They are available by mail order. Check out these mouthwatering gourmet delicacies and Ken Ilasz’s wonderful story at

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