William Burroughs-Influenced Artist Build Online Gallery To Beat King

An emerging artist, strongly influenced by the artistry of William Burroughs, has built an online art gallery in homage to this icon.

3/4/11 7:49 PM CET

Los Angeles, William Lee , a writer, publicist, drummer and aspiring artist influenced by the works of William S. Burroughs , has created an online gallery of works, dedicated to this infamous artist. The online gallery can be viewed at: http://drummer40.deviantart.com/gallery/. DeviantArt is a large online art community with a mission of providing a destination for artists of all kinds to express themselves. (www.deviantart.com)

"I had searched the Internet to find a cool community to publish my works," Lee said. "I've been working on this art for some time and have been a Burroughs fan since college when I read Naked Lunch," he continued.. "At first, I was just intrigued by Burroughs' sheer audacity to publish such intense thoughts and imagery. Then, after several more reads and some explanation, via scholarly articles, on him, I realized that it was a parody. After that, I had the opportunity to see an art exhibit of his called "Ports Of Entry", and it completely changed my perspective on all the arts."

Lee's works include cut-ups, montage and collage of many different types of images, ranging in subject matter from Burroughs himself, war, Egyptian Religion, and other themes. Moscov's main theory, which he learned from Burroughs: "Everything is permitted," a famous quote from the King of the Beats himself.

"As many writers and artists who study Burroughs know, it's common knowledge that the Beat Generation was led by him," Lee noted. "There quite possibly would never have been books like On The Road by Jack Kerouac, who was a very close friend of Burroughs," he continued. "He's a true legend and it's only in the last decade that he's really getting the recognition he deserves."

In addition to his art, Lee employs Burroughs' artistic strategies in much of his music and writing as well.


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