Only a Few Weeks Left to Claim Your Free USB from the Royale International Group

The special offer from the Royale International Group is coming to an end on March 28 2012. If you wish to claim your free USB drive visit the website for further information. Terms and conditions apply.

2/16/12 2:54 PM CET

One of the long running special offers which started back in October 2011 is set to end on March 28 2012. If you are planning on making regular shipments to either Chile or Panama, or looking to change your courier service it is worth contacting the leaders in international logistics and asking about the free USB drive offer.

The Royale International Group have many great offers throughout the year. You can find information on the USB drive by looking on the website and checking out all the specila offers whcih are currently available to their international courier customers. The free USB drive is available to customers who make ten shipments to commercial addresses in Chile or Panama. The offer runs until March 28 2012 or until the USB drives run out, which ever comes first.

If you make a shipment to commercial addresses in the specified areas you will be able to track the progress online, by email or even by SMS just as you would with any of the other courier services that the group provides. 

If you are interested in other special offers it is worth checking out the website on a regular basis or contacting your local sales representative. There are many great deals on international shipments and economy packages now available. Find the best deals and enjoy recieving the best customer service from the International Courier experts. 

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Royale International has been providing customised global express delivery solutions to clients worldwide since 1980. The Asian headquarter "Royale International Group" was founded by two young British entrepreneurs and established in 1993. Originally as a two man operation, it has since grown into one of the largest courier companies in Hong Kong.



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