Canadian artist "Anjael- The man with the blue face releases "Heart of a Lion"

Powerful classic style vocals with original creative deep songwriting skills makes Anjael a powerhouse of live performance which is missing nowadays with too many knock off dance bands and replica groups.

4/21/11 9:52 AM CET

Canadian powerhouse Singer/Songwriter & Maestro guitarist "Anjael-The man with the blue face"  Releases long awaited "Heart of a Lion" CD  Worldwide featuring none other then his good friend and ex Pink Floydd, Uriah Heep keyboard player Gregg Dechert.This is his first full length CD containing eleven original songs, all of which are acoustic guitar based and released through  private independent Hebron music.The CD featuring brilliant songs like  "Truth is one, Reach out, Be & Stay is now readily available in over 200 internet stores via cdbaby that include itunes, Amazon MP3, Napster, is currently available @

The entire album and  songs have recieved very favorable comments on his personal website accolade section            @: . from various famous and regular musicians, music lovers and fans.This marks a huge stage in the career of the multi-talented singer-songwriter-Guitar player Anjael, who lives in rural S.W Ontario, and is now preparing for the imminent radio air play all across the nation that will hopefully build upon his  fan base and get his music & message  heard by more people than ever.Anjaels touring outfit aptly named "The Hebron Project- showcases many young fresh, moody and sensitive suporting  musicians which include guitarist Patrick LaFrenere, bassist Andrew LaFrenere fo the LaFrenere brothers and various others.Anjaels songs  provides a rare combination of high-energy, soulful, edgy,classic style power vocals and music that is punctuated throughout with elements of jazz rock, blues, classic rock and his unique style of flamenco rock.

The album "Heart of a Lion" was recorded at Brixton Studios in Kitchener, Ontario. It was produced by Nicholas Iden of Brixton Studio of, engineered by Nicholas Iden, and Mastered by industry professionals at CrazyDaisy mastering at Beaverton , Oregon USA.The theme of Anjaels recording projects is a clear voice that tries to bring forthe the message of loyalty, true love, one God creator,oneness of humanity and compassionate heart. Anjaels life has certainly been full of experiences. Not long ago having experienced a traumatic 3rd degree burn to his right hand that left him weakened emotionally and physically and then getting betrayed by someone close into a severe life threatening situation and left to die alone on the streets is surely an unforgettable experience and yet he refused to give up and continues to fight for one and all.Anjael stated  of his work: “I was brought up around a very talented family. Both my parents were singers and Actors, my uncles and cousins were in singing groups . I’ve performed on stage since the tender age of 5. Since then, my style has developed and I have incorporated other genres which have all been highlighted ’ The album is the first that is a reflection of my influences over the years and the changes that I’ve experienced in my life.”

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