Haarklinikken Available in Tampa

Haarklinikken a European leader in hair restoration has opened their first US-based clinic in Tampa, FL.

5/10/12 6:00 PM CET

(Tampa, FL) Haarklinikken, a renowned European hair loss treatment company is proud to announce the opening of their latest facility in Tampa, Florida. Haarklinikken’s world class hair therapy and replacement regime has restored hair – and confidence – to more than 40 thousand clients in European countries.  The Tampa clinic will be the first such clinic in the United States.

Americans have access to this cutting-edge treatment exclusively in the Tampa treatment center. The clinic, run by Dr. Panos E. Vasiloudes (MD, PhD, FAAD, FAAP), fellow of the American Academy of Dermatology, and a Board Certified Dermatology / Dermatologic Surgeon, delivers a highly personalized two-step treatment program. The process is based on 50 years of clinical research and formulated with patient health and satisfaction in mind.

New customers first will be evaluated by an expert clinician, who will design a specialized treatment program that includes custom-made formulations of Haarklinikken’s top-of-the line care products, including extracts, hand-crafted herbal solutions, shampoos and styling products. A high percentage of customers respond well to this regimen and many don’t require further treatment. For those who do, Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) Hair Transplantation is the next step. FUE is a groundbreaking hair transplant procedure that cuts down significantly on recovery time and visible scarring, compared with traditional transplant surgery.  

At the heart of Haarklinikken’s mission is a focus on ensuring clients enjoy a personalized treatment plan that’s best for their particular hair or scalp condition. Some clients need only minimal therapy; others require more extensive treatment. Clinicians work with each client to discover which program best suits their needs.

“Our emphasis is on results. We put the highest premium on patient satisfaction so we only accept patients we know will benefit from our treatments,” said Lars Skjøth, Haarklinikken’s founder and CEO.

In continuing their efforts to stay at the forefront of the development of innovative solutions for hair loss and scalp conditions, Haarklinikken invests substantial assets into the discovery and development of new products and treatments. In fact, the company’s newest product – the fruits of 11 years of research – will be released in the fourth quarter of 2011 and is aimed at the treatment of hereditary hair loss. 

The Tampa Hair Restoration clinic is located at 4238 W Kennedy Blvd., Suite 1 in Tampa, FL 33609. Contact them at 813-414-0100.


About Haarklinikken Hair Restoration

Haarklinikken Hair Restoration is the first clinic in the United States to offer Europe's renowned hair restoration service.
Haarklinikken Hair Restoration is located at 4238 W Kennedy Blvd., Suite 1 in Tampa, FL 33609

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