SYDNEY.COM engaged award winning mobile agency and launched an industry leading mobile platform.

SYDNEY.COM one of the most visited tourism websites in the world, engaged to build and execute an innovative mobile version of its website. The goal was to allow those accessing via mobile devices to search, interact and book.

8/2/12 12:00 AM CET

The New South Wales Tourism Board does a great job providing sitevisitors with amazing content. In the last year, they saw huge growth intraffic to their website from mobile devices as tourists typically want toaccess the site while they are on the go,” said Athan Papoulias, Director ofGlobal Mobile Pty Ltd. “After assessing their requirements and trafficpatterns, we recommended that they implement a mobile platform that could adapttheir current digital assets on the fly. Our platform 'Connect' ticked all theboxes that they were looking for and was specifically built to manage largeheavy load industries such as Tourism, Government & Media outlets".More excitingly it scales down for SME's who want a simple yet advancedplatform.

The Modapt Connect product maintains live real-time integrationbetween the Web property (CMS) and the mobile version. All transcoding andcontent adaptation is done on the fly. Any changes made to the main website areadapted to the mobile version synchronously.

"Highly visited sites like are ideal webproperties for Connect,” said Athan Papoulias, Global Mobile's Director. “Oneof Connect’s core features is its ability to scale massively no matter how manyinquiries the site receives over a short period of time. This ensures thatpages will always load quickly on mobile devices.”

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