5conditions.com Takes social networking to the streets.

SAN FRANCISCO - A new type of social networking set to launch this spring will offer its members an opportunity to make new friends and embark on adventures in a whole new way.

2/28/11 8:10 PM CET

5conditions.com, which is currently in Beta mode, allows users to find and meet others who have similar interests and are looking for things to do. The website’s parent company, Five Conditions, Inc., is currently looking for investors to assist with its launch.

“Even though we live in a highly connected world, many of us find ourselves wasting time online, checking Twitter updates that don’t pertain to us or looking at pictures on Facebook we’ve already seen hundreds of times,” said Bill Gwanyalla, founder of Five Conditions, Inc. “We have decided to launch a network that allows people to use the Internet to get out and have fun, whether it be with sports, video games, a night out dancing or simply meeting up for coffee.”

Although there are sites like Meetup.com that encourage groups of people to get together for various events, Gwanyalla realized that these types of opportunities were not readily available to individuals for one-on-one interactions. 5conditions.com looks to fill that gap.

To use the site, users can sign up and fill out a profile. Then, they can request an activity and set five conditions for it. When other users respond, the activity planner has the option of who they want to hang out with. In order to prevent certain security concerns when meeting new people, the company is also taking steps to create a guideline advising people to only interact with verified members in a public setting.

In addition, 5conditions.com offers special deals on select businesses in cities across the Unites States, allowing people to get together while enjoying discounts on their favorite restaurants, coffee shops and much more.

“The Internet is an amazing resource, but sometimes we forget that there is a real world out there for us to experience and enjoy,” Gwanyalla said. “Hopefully, 5conditions.com will help people see that there’s more to live than sitting in front of a computer screen.”

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About Five Conditions, Inc

Five conditions,Inc founded December in the DC metro area and has relocated its main office to the San Francisco area.Now seeking investors to help undertake the exciting launch planned for 4/5/2011.

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